So… here’s the low down on the panda… Michelle, you know Michelle, my lovely, talented daughter and partner in crime here at Wee Folk Art? Well, she comes to me a week ago and said: “I have a request. Can you make a panda applique? I need to make t-shirtsRead More →

Yesterday I shared our Bear in the Water Applique Block. I designed it for one of our readers whose boys are studying bears right now. Actually, they wanted a coloring page, but since I was designing that, it was easy peasy to make the applique, too. So here is our littleRead More →

The other day when I posted the Swimming Turtle Coloring Page, one of our readers asked if we could do a bear. Well, as it turns out, bears are a perfect companion to Winter Wonderland Curriculum. So, it didn’t take much encouragement to agree to make a bear coloring page. And, sinceRead More →