Bear in the Water Coloring Page

Bear in the Water Coloring Page

Yesterday I shared our Bear in the Water Applique Block. I designed it for one of our readers whose boys are studying bears right now. Actually, they wanted a coloring page, but since I was designing that, it was easy peasy to make the applique, too. So here is our little bear getting a drink of water at the stream. NOTE: I inadvertently left off the two rings where he is lapping water. (Take a look at the applique block.) You can easily add the rings using a water proof marker or pen. As always, I ran an 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of water color paper through my printer. I then used water color pencils and bad lighting to paint this pic 🙂 Markers, colored pencils and crayons would work well, too.

The Bear in the Water Coloring Page can be found HERE. Enjoy!

[Hope the boys enjoy it, Maura!]

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  1. Everyone in the household was sick in bed (more accurately hoovering in the bathroom!) yesterday. I never even made it to the computer. I think the worst is behind us all, but when I checked in this morning and saw the bears, I called the boys off the couch to see it. Even in their weakened state (hehe) they were thrilled! They actually wanted to get their paints out now. I told them if they could eat some oatmeal first, they could paint!

    I am so flattered that you took the time to help us out. Feel a bit like a celebraty this morning, albeit a drained and rough looking celeb! You guys are awesome. I can’t imagine how many lives you touch, but I know I don’t stand alone when I say you add so much to ours. Love you guys and thanks, thanks, thanks!

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