Twig Stars

Twig Stars

It’s the first day of summer vacation. What to do, what to do? Best answer… EVERYTHING. Michelle and the wee ones came over yesterday after lunch, and a couple of their friends soon joined. There was plenty of running around outside, a very quick dip in the freezing cold pool, followed by a very long dip the the Jacuzzi, which included bathing suits and goggles! A couple hour planned play turned into a dinner pizza party! And, just for good measure, an impromptu wee craft.

The girls were collecting sticks, while the boys were off saving the universe from storm troopers. With a wee bit of twine, the twigs were quickly fashioned into a pile of stars! Love these simple, fast summer crafts!

To make your own…

Gather together some sticks… baby finger size… some twine, and a pair of kitchen scissor.

Break or cut the twigs so they are all the same size.

Lay out 3 sticks, forming a letter “A”, with the horizontal stick overlapping the sides equally.

Add the last 2 sticks matching points to points.

Using short pieces of twine, tie all 5 points of the star together.

Go back and tie the inner crossed twigs together.

And there you have it.


Make a loop out of a longer piece of twine for hanging. We’ve hung ours outside, but these also make pretty ornaments.



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  1. twine!  yes, I tried hot glue and it was a failure;(

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