Twisted Bracelets

Twisted Bracelets

This week my Fairy-Girl will be hitting double digits. We were lucky enough to celebrate her birthday along with her little cousin’s 4th birthday this past weekend. She got some amazing things, including the top two items on her wish list, a gym mat for acro practice and most importantly a home pedicure spa bath with bubbles and heating element. She loves to soak her feet after dance.

But she also got some great crafty items, including this LoopDeDoo bracelet making kit. She had it out and was making bracelets in a matter of minutes. I had to wait until the wee hours of the morning, while the kids were still in bed, to get a turn with it. I made each of the girls a striped bracelet and thought I would share just how easy this gizmo is to use (and I have to say I prefer the end product immensely more than all those rubber band bracelet we had lying around year last winter).

The kit comes with everything you need to get started including the loom, a stash of embroidery floss, and an instruction manual with 6 variations. Before you start, use a tape measure to measure your wrist and then add one inch to this measurement.

To start with, choose your color scheme and bracelet style. I of course, had to start with a rainbow using the Color Block pattern.

Tie your floss to the hook at one end of the loom.

Wrap you floss back and forth between the two hooks several times. The more times you go back and forth the thicker your bracelet will be. Since I started with 7 strands of floss, there and back once was enough. Measure out an additional 4 lengths of floss (ie there and back, there and back). Cut the floss.

At the opposite end of where you tied the floss to the hook, use your wrapping floss to create a slip knot about an inch away from the 2nd hook. This will leave a loop attached to the hook.

Create a second slip knot through the loop. This will stop the floss from sliding down the bracelet.

Separate out the first strand of floss that you will use to make a color band.

Take the additional wrapping colors back down to the starting hook side. Behind the hook is a little tray in which you can store the ends to keep them together and out of the way so that they don’t get tangled while you are working with the single strand of floss.

Hold your first strand of wrapping floss straight out from the loom. Guide it across the base threads while you turn the twisting knob with your other hand, starting as close to the knot as you can.

When you are ready to change colors, remove the next color from the storage tray. Cross over the two strands of floss and put the first color into the tray. Now use the second color to continue wrapping. Continue in this manner creating alternating bands of color.

Use the ruler that is stamped onto the loom to keep track of your bracelet’s length. When you reach the end of your bracelet (wrist length plus one inch), use the wrapping strands to make two slip knots. After I took the photos I realized that I probably only needed to use the final color to make these slip knots.

Remove your bracelet from the loom. Trim the starting edge so that all of the threads are open and not looped or tied.

Split the loose threads in half. Tuck one half through the looped end of your bracelet. Tie your bracelet on with a double knot.

Trim the edges to your desired length.

Have fun exploring all the possibilities with the LoopDeDoo bracelet kit.






Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art

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  1. What a great gift! The bracelets are beautiful. I’ll have  to remember this for my daughter. 🙂

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