Valentine Necklace Directions

Don yourself in some Valentine bling with this fun necklace! It’s suitable for adults or children.

1 Valentine Brooch
Cranberry, Rose and Off White wool felting yarn – small amounts
Crochet Hook H/8 – 5.00MM
Yarn Needle
Off white embroidery floss
Cranberry Embroidery Floss
To make a 20” chain as pictured you will need 23 circles but make more or less depending on the length you require.

[1] For each circle, chain 6

[2] Slip stitch through first chain to form a loop.

[3] Chain stitch 3. This is called your “turning chain” and will be counted as your 1st stitch.

[4] Crocheting through the hole in the center of the ring, double crochet 11 times. Slip stitch in the top (the third chain) of the turning chain. You will now have 12 stitches (including the turning chain). Pull thread through the last stitch to finish circle.

[5] Weave in loose ends making sure to close the gap in the middle.

[6] Place the circles in a lingerie bag or old panty hose so the little pieces will not get lost! Use your favorite method to felt the circles. I have a front loading machine with a baby setting which uses very hot water. I add detergent, along with the old snow boots Bug wore when he was two years old (all Velcro and “snaggy” pieces removed) and let it run its cycle. Because felting yarn colors will run, felt circles by color. (I found I could felt the white and light pink together, but the cranberry will definitely need to be felted on its own.) Normally, I let my pieces air dry, but since the actual size of the circles isn’t important, I dried them in the dryer to speed the process.

[7] Determine how many circles you want for your chain or use the diagram below to make yours like the picture.

[8] Using 2 strands of white embroidery floss tack the circles together in your desired pattern. Tack the circles twice, about a 1/4" apart. This will stabilize the chain and prevent the circles from twisting. Keep the chain flat as you continue to add the rest of the circles. Note: always tack on the back side so stitches cannot be seen on the front of the circle necklace.

[9] Using 2 strands of cranberry embroidery floss, tack the necklace to the heart as shown on the diagram.

[10] Save all your scrapes of yarn and make wool felted balls or marbles using our tutorial Felted Wool Marbles! Never waste anything, right?

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