You Say Jack-O-Lantern, I Say Harvest Pumpkin Applique!

You Say Jack-O-Lantern, I Say Harvest Pumpkin Applique!

Easily turn our Autumn Harvest Pumpkin applique into a Halloween Jack-o-Lantern applique.

You have heard us often talk about the many uses for our applique blocks… that’s why we create so many of them. We’ve talked about enlarging them, reducing them, turning them into wood, stuffies, stencils or cross stitch. What we really haven’t talked about, though, is how colors can dramatically change the look of the design.

I designed a basic pumpkin applique pattern, and through the use of color, (and a bit of “flair”) gave our pumpkin design two completely different looks. One is perfect for spooky Halloween decorations and the other for your autumn Harvest Decorations.

Our Jack-O-Lantern applique pattern almost jumps off the screen, with it’s vibrant oranges set against the drastic black. It “screams” Halloween night! But if you then, work the same design out of rust, browns and golds, and our harvest pumpkin applique is warm and inviting… like a Thanksgiving dinner with loved ones! Playing with applique felt colors is a rather a fun experiment in color, don’t you think?

Pumpkin Applique Patterns

As always, the pumpkin applique was designed for a 6″ x 6″ block but can be enlarged or reduced to meet your needs. The Pumpkin Applique Block can be found HERE. Enjoy!

The pumpkin applique pattern includes several sets of Jack-O-Lantern mouths, noses and eyes in our directions, but if the “spirit” moves you, design your own, just like a real Jack-O-Lantern.
jack-o-lantern applique pumpkin applique halloween

The harvest pumpkin would look great enlarged and appliqued to the front of a holiday apron using small print calicos. Or, reduce the pattern, and applique the pumpkin onto napkins. Lots of possible uses!
harvest pumpkin applique pattern autumn


We would love to see how you use the pumpkin pattern. If you have made something with this pattern, consider sharing it with us by adding a link to your project in the comments.



  1. OMG you are right. they look totally different! but I love them both.

  2. These are just precious. I love them both but agree that they don’t even look like the same pattern. It’s funny how different they can look with just different color choices. Something to keep in mind whenever I’m making appliques. I will certainly be applying these somewhere. As always, thank you.

  3. I really like these, and would never have guessed they were made from the same pattern! I love the subtle yet impressive details you always put into everything you make…
    I am in awe of you 🙂

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. Beautiful and fun. My son loves the Jack-O-Lantern. He’s only 2 but he has opinions. I just went through of box of hand-me-downs from a friend and there is a size 3T pullover black hoodie! I am going to add the Jack-O-Lantern to the front. How luck was that? I love your blog. You guys rock.

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