Watermelon Tea Cozy Opps!

Watermelon Tea Cozy Opps!

So, I have a few Mother’s Day gifts I’ve been thinking about. The first being a tea cozy. I decided I wanted to make something “fruity” and a watermelon slice was the first thing that came to mind. I have an old cozy that was given to me by a dear friend many years ago, and I took the measurements off that, then headed to the store to get the materials. I made some calculations, got the pattern drawn, and a pdf made. I made the cozy in a couple of hours. I loved it. All I needed to do was write up directions and it would be ready to share! I then took pictures of it next to my teapot. I wanted to take one last picture of it on my teapot… opps! How in the world did I do that? Unless my teapot goes on a diet… which is about as likely as me going on a diet… then this isn’t going to work! I’m not sure where I went wrong… but it happens. This cozy will not fit on my teapot or anyone elses with a 7-8 cup teapot BUT it will fit on a smaller one. So, here’s the plan. I am going to resize the pattern, and I will have a pattern for a small and a large watermelon tea cozy. I should have it up by the end of the day. I know this won’t fit on my mom’s teapot… who I was making it for, so I will need to make another one myself. I also plan to design one with flowers in the next couple of days which I’ll share, too!

Boy, I hate it when this happens!
Boy, I hate it when this happens! This is more like a tea cap than a tea cozy!

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  1. That must have been so frustrating! I have a little teapot it would look just lovely on if you’re going to throw it away (wink)! It is adorable!!!

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