Since I haven’t actually completed any project this week, thought I might share what I’ve been up to.

First, I’ve been busy with my funky chair. And when I say funky, I really mean FUNKY! Here is a sneak peek of just a corner. Trust me, the whole chair is busy, busy, busy, but I’m lovin’ it!

Then, I started a drawing class at a shop in town. There are only 2 students in the class, and this guy came in with this awesome portrait… and I brought in some sketches of my gnomes and applique blocks. Yikes… we are worlds apart, but, I had a blast, played with a hunk of graphite, and am excited to go back next week.

Finally, got a package in the mail today from A Child’s Dream! YAY! I’ve been wanting to play with the doll house people, and got 4 large and 4 small people. I also bought some roving for hair (Corriedale Earth Colors, set of 10 colors), and a bundle of the winter felt. I am going to put some patterns together for dressing the dolls, so if you’d like to make some along with us, Debbie has the materials in stock.

So, there you have it. A busy week despite the lack of finished products. Hope you’ve been having a crafty week, too 🙂




  1. Looks like you’ve been busy with fun stuff. Your chair is looking awesome. I’ve often thought of taking a drawing class because I’m sooooo bad. I would just like people to know what I’m drawing when we play pictionary, hehe. And going to check out the doll parts at a Child’s Dream. As for me and the girls, we’ve been working at our knitting following your lessons. We’ve been having a blast, too!

    1. Have fun! It's so exciting to learn a new craft!

  2. i got these same dolls this week! i’m going to use the tutorial from myrtleandeunice.com for the gnomes.

    1. Thanks for the link. I'm going to share it on Facebook 🙂

  3. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for the doll clothes! I have had a small family of them for a while and keep planning on designing some clothes for them but my little one enjoys so much “dressing” them in scraps that she refuses any offer to make them proper clothes. I wish I could come up with a way to make it removable but just can’t wrap my brain around it yet. Keep us posted!

    1. I'm really looking forward to playing with these. I've also thought about removable clothes. I'll see what I can come up with!

  4. I absolutely love your chair. I have been painting shelves to go in my sewing/bedroom with stuff similar to your chair. It’s just so much fun!

    1. I have a table my father made years ago that I'm thinking of painting to match. Fun, isn't it ?

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