W.I.P. :: Chalkboard Houses

W.I.P. :: Chalkboard Houses

After being home for a couple of weeks, I finally feel like I'm caught up enough to start tackling some projects. My list is long and mighty of things I want and need to do, so you can expect to see many new projects shared over the next couple of months. Plus, we are working on getting our kits together for our Knights and Squires. All mighty exciting stuff for us 🙂

Here's a quick peek on what I'm working on at this minute. A couple of weeks ago I saw a neat idea that I shared on Facebook from Hello Bee. Using some 2" x 4"s and black chalkboard paint, she made a street of houses. Awesome thing about it… using chalk, you could draw in windows and doors. I thought the wee ones would love this.

After grabbing inspiration from Hello Bee, I had Tim buy pine 2" x 4"s, 2" x 6"s and 2" x 8"s and cut them into random houses.

Then, I decided my houses needed a little color, so I bought an assortment of colorful chalkboard paint from Hudson Paint. Who knew you could get chalkboard paint in so many awesome colors? I want to use them in an autumn setting, so I picked some lovely fall colors.

Finally, I've started painting them. I am using 3 coats of paint, and I'm nearly done with my first set. The biggest drawback… you have to wait 48 hours before you can start drawing on them! I'm not the most patient person, so I'll be pacing until we can start using them on Wednesday. I'll share photos when we are all done!

What projects are you working on right now???



  1. I feel like I’ve been away forever. My husband was stationed in an area with no internet. Can you believe that? Felt like we all traveled back in time. Now we azre back home and I’m catching up.

    I didn’t know they made colored chalkboard paint. I’ve got a wall in my kitchen that is crying for this. Grafitti for breakfast. Love the idea!

    1. It seems every once and a while you fall off the face of the earth. You are always missed. Welcome back. And, there are so many awesome colors of chalkboard paint. I've been talking about painting a wall in the dining room for the same reason. Let me know what color you decide on 🙂

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