Wooden Apple Orchard Toy Tutorial

Wooden Apple Orchard Toy Tutorial

To make this wooden apple orchard toy set you will need to use a scroll saw, a dremel and a drill. I am a VERY novice woodworker, and have no tips or suggestions for how to use this equipment. I’m learning as I go, trying to be as careful as possible, but would not even begin to try to teach someone how to do this stuff. I’m having this total tension issue with the saw blades and keep breaking them. But I will get the hang of it, and I will get better.


wooden apple orchard toy tutorial

So, here’s the deal on the instructions. (Hmmm… think I’m giving a disclaimer!!!) Basically, I’m giving you the pattern that I designed to make this wooden apple orchard toy set. I’ll tell you what I did, even share some lovely photos, BUT, this is not instructions on how to use the tools. I’m thoroughly enjoying this, and finding it easy, with delightful results. BUT PLEASE BE CAREFUL!

NOTE: The apple trees can stand by themselves without a base, so, making an apple tree orchard toy base is optional. HOWEVER, the trees do not stand well on carpet so the bases really help stabilize them. There are 2 base patterns included. A base for 1 tree and a base for 5 trees. Your choice.

Wooden Apple Orchard Toy Materials:

  • wood – I used 1″ x 6″ pine scraps but you can use any solid wood – not plywood
  • paint – I used milk paint – use non toxic paints
  • finish – I used an all natural olive oil and beeswax finish – use a non toxic finish
  • 1/4″ dowel rod if you are making a base
  • wood glue if you are making a base
  • apple tree pattern

Wooden apple orchard toy tools and equipment:

  • scroll saw
  • dremel
  • drill
  • fine sandpaper – I used a sponge sandpaper block
  • safety glasses
  • face mask

Directions on how to make wooden apple trees:

1] Make copy of pattern. Cut out pattern pieces. Tape the 2 pieces of the base together.

2] Trace pattern pieces on wood. (You can either trace with or against grain. HINT: If you’re making multiple trees, do them all the same to give a unified look to your project.)
wooden apple tree pattern
3] Cut out the pieces using a scroll saw. NOTE: Check out the pics below. THEY ARE NOT PERFECT! See how I didn’t stay on line all the time! This project is an “ish” thing. They do not need to be exact to look great when you’re done!
how to make a wooden apple tree
4] Using the dremel, soften the edges by using the dremel at a 30 – 45 degree angle. Take the edges down enough so you can see the angle but be careful not to overdo it! (Which is easy with a dremel!) This does not need to be perfectly smooth. Imperfections give a lovely hand hewed look to the project! Make sure you are wearing safety glasses and a face mask. I didn’t use a face mask on my first tree and I was coughing up sawdust the rest of the day!

5] Use the dremel to lightly sand the flat edges, just enough to remove scroll saw marks.

6] Go over the whole piece with fine sandpaper.
sanding wooden apple tree toy
7] The piece is now ready to paint. Use the directions for painting the wood found in our Building Blocks – Painting the Blocks tutorial. I used milk paint on my trees. When adding apples to your trees, you do not need to exact. Each tree can, and probably should, be a little different. Get creative. Add as much or as little detail as you like.
how to paint wooden apple tree toy
8] Seal the wood. Following the directions for finishing the wood found in our Build Blocks – Finishing the Blocks tutorial. In the directions you will find my recipe for an all natural finish that I use all the time! 

9] If you are making a base, mark the hole placement on the bottom of your tree and in the base. Using a drill with a 1/4″ drill bit, drill holes 1/2″ deep. (Refer to pattern.)

10] Cut your dowel rod into 1″ pieces. Using wood glue, glue the dowel rods into THE BASE! (Do not glue them into the trees because you want them to be able to stand up without the base.)
wooden base for wooden apple orchard




  1. Wow. I love that you are a new to this and sharing. It is making me look at woodworking differently. We already have a scroll saw, need a dremel though. I think I might try this! Thank you so much.

    I bought the fabric for the lovely shawls today and can’t wait to have a go at it.

    Thanks for putting the time into this wonderful site! Love that it’s a mother/daughter thing!


  2. Thanks so much for these instructions. I’ve been wanting to try making some Waldorf-like toys for Christmas presents, but haven’t found any type of directions at all. I have used a scroll saw for making a necklace tree and there is definitely a learning curve (which I have yet to master).

    Thanks again.

  3. I wish I could make this but using power tools scares me. i worry I’ll cut more than wood. I freak out over papercuts! You have some beautiful craft ideas and patterns. I’ve enjoyed looking through and will come back again soon. Thanks for sharing your talents!

  4. you have inspired me. i went and picked up a scroll saw today off craigslist for $25 and made my first tree! thank you! i cant wait to have an orchard!

    1. Would LOVE to see your tree(s). You can link here to a blog or Flickr or you can add photos directly to WFAs Flickr page. I really didn’t know how much I would love woodworking. I have a list of projects I want to try. I’ll be sharing some soon. Have fun! 

  5. i just finished painting our trees and am wondering how you did the apples. did you use a less diluted mixture of the green for the stems? i presume you used milk paint for them also.
    i really appreciate you sharing where you got your supplies….we have no local suppliers here and obtaining stuff like milk paint and wool felt can be overwhelming at times.

    1. In step #7 above, we link to how to paint with milk paint. If you follow that link, it will talk about painting and give you a link to Gallagher Paints where I order my milk paint. You certainly can get a darker color by not watering down the paint as much. I think I used a different color of milk paint, tho. I always use scrap pieces of wood to try colors out on. Hope this helps 🙂 

  6. I started to cut my trees today but the process takes what feels forever (about 25 min for a big oak tree)….
    Does it take you that long ? (Total scroll saw newbie). Do you make holes sometime between the trunk and the leaves since the turn is so tight sometime ?

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