Mini Braided Rug Fabric

Mini Braided Rug Fabric

I’ve had a few people mention the fabric in the rug and I got an email asking me what fabric I used. I almost always make note of the fabrics I’m using, but for some reason I didn’t on this one. I bought the fabric at JoAnns. I got it in their holiday designer section. It is a little heavier, a little nicer, than the regular calicoes. (This is 1 of 2 designs I made into napkins for November.) Anyway, here’s what the fabric looks like pre rug. Hope that helps. If anyone knows off hand the designer, please share. I know I could come up with it… just don’t have the time today!


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  1. Very pretty fabric. It’s fun seeing the fabric that made the rug. You never could have guessed at the design. This make beautiful Thanksgiving napkins. Such rich colors.

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