Wooden Christmas Stars

Wooden Christmas Stars

You would think, after 59 Christmases, I would run out of new things to make. HA! Not even close! Over the years my tastes have changed, and as they do, my house changes with me.

My tastes, although eclectic, now run on the “simple side”. That is why when I saw a photo of simple wooden stars hanging from twine, I fell in love!

Make a few or fill your whole house with stars. It is easy to do, and is “simply” beautiful!

(Added bonus: we have several bird feeders outside this window. We have trouble with birds running into the windows. When we hang things in the window, it helps the birds realize it isn’t open space. You are welcome, birds 🙂

Pre cut wooden stars – Mine are 4″ wooden stars
Paint – I used white milk paint


Gather your supplies. (Include a cup of coffee or tea for your pleasure 🙂

Drill holes in stars slightly larger than the width of your twine. Holes should be 1/4″ to 3/8″ from the tip of a point. Note: Our folk stars are not symmetrical. We drilled holes in various points so the stars did not all hang the same. This was our preference.

Mix your milk paint and paint the front and back of the stars. I used 1 part milk paint to 2 parts water. Make sure to cover the edges. I only did 1 coat because I wanted the paint slightly translucent.

When dried, which is crazy quick with milk paint, you may need to use a yarn or knitting needle to open the hole if paint got inside.

Take a moment to sip your tea 🙂

Decide on how long you want your strings of stars, and how close together you want them to be. I started by cutting all the pieces of twine 60″ long.  Knot one end.

Slide on your first star. Make sure it is resting on the bottom knot.

Measure 9″ from the first star and knot the twine.

Slide the next star on the twine. Again, make sure it rests on the knot.

I have the stars hanging several places in my house. I wanted the length of the strings to vary. Each line has 2 to 6 stars. When you have as many stars as you want strung, leave 9″ of twine and make a small loop at the top of the twine for hanging.

That’s all there is to it. I hung them using thumbtacks and tape. I also made several single ones and made small loops with the twine like a Christmas ornament. I have hung many of them in the roping that I have around our light fixtures.

TIP: When working on crafts, I often place a piece of white or brown paper on the table. Not only does it protect the table, it is also a great place to write down notes while you are working 🙂

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Photos 12/2,12/11, and 12/17/13



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