Bandana Fit For Man or Beast

Bandana Fit For Man or Beast

Here are the Pup Birthday Bandannas promised earlier in the week. BUT these aren’t just for pups. A bandanna is a bandanna whether wrapped around your doggie’s neck or for keeping the hair out your eyes!

Truly, the hardest part of making this bandanna is deciding on the size. Here is the standard sizes when purchasing bandanna’s for dogs.

Dog Sizes
14" – small
18" – medium
22" – large
26" – extra large

Our dogs are 34 pounds. They are considered medium dogs. I made 17" bandannas and they fit perfect.

Another technique is to take the measurement of their neck (or your head) and add 6". My pup’s necks are 11". Adding 6" to the 11" is 17". My finished bandannas have 17" sides.

To be on the safe side I suggest you could cut a square from muslin or rag to make sure it fits.

Also, if making a bandanna for a human head, and you would like to use elastic in the back instead of a bulking tie, read over the directions for our Handkerchief Bandanna found HERE.

Light to medium weight cotton fabric cut into 3" strips (I had a stack left over from a quilting project… YAY!) I used 3 different colors for each bandanna.
Light to medium gray sewing thread. HINT: When sewing different colorings together in a project, using a gray thread seams to blend the best with most colors and is the least visible.

Cut your strips 2" larger than the finished size you want. I wanted 17" bandannas so I cut my strips 19". The number of strips can vary depending on the size you are making. I needed 9 strips for my pup’s bandannas.

Sew the long side of all the strips together using 1/2" seam allowance. 

Press seams. NOTE: When piecing for a quilt top, which is basically what you are doing, it is a good idea to iron your seams to one side INSTEAD of ironing open. This makes the seams sturdier and less likely to come apart.

Trim the piece so it is 1" larger than the desired end size. I wanted 17" bandannas. I need an 18" square. So I need to cut approximately 1/2" off all sides. When sewing strips together, the ends can become uneven. By making it slightly bigger and then cutting it down to size, you ensure that your edges are even and your corners are perfect 90 degree angles. Make sure you cut a little away from all 4 sides so all sides are even.

If you plan to embroider or applique something to the bandanna that will be permanent, now is the time to do it. This way all stitching will be hidden in the bandanna. When placing an applique or embroider on the front of the bandanna, remember there will be a 1/2" seam allowance all the way around. (Because I am changing the number on the bandanna each year, I am waiting until I’m done to apply the applique.)

Fold the bandanna in half diagonally, with right sides together. (Making a triangle.) Pin in place.

Sew the 2 unfinished sides together using a 1/2" seam allowance. Leave an opening (3 fingers wide) in the middle of one side.

Trim the three corners to remove bulk. Be careful not to cut too close to the stitching line.

Turn right side out.

Press flat.

Slip stitch the opening closed using a ladder stitch found in Stitch Glossary.

If adding a temporary applique, sew it on now using a running stitch. To find the right location for placement, fold the bandanna in half and "finger press" the fold, making a slight fold line. Place the applique centered on the fold, about 1" from the sides. The Bone Number Appliques can be found HERE.

Your bandanna is now ready to adorn your favorite canine friend!
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  1. This is just soooo beautiful! I love the colors you chose…

    1. This is great, thank you very much for the tutorial!

  2. those two are just wicked cute! At first I thought you just had one, well behaved model, but two, equally cute loves to brighten my morning read.

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