Although I can’t say I enjoy watercoloring as much I enjoy gardening, it has become a close second. And, as my ability to vigorously garden is diminishing, it couldn’t have come at a better time! Although I haven’t shared any of my paintings in a while, I have been prolific. Since I had these framed, I thought I’d share them before they take up residence in new homes. I am hopeful that many of you that shared my “fear” of taking brush to paper, have also taken the plunge and are enjoying themselves as much as I. I can’t believe I waited this long to get started, but a time for everything, I suppose 🙂

Two of the painting are “doodle art”. Always so much fun to play with colors in those paintings.

Then, there is a folk artsy peacock that I painted for Michelle. Different than some of the other things I’ve been doing, but loved being able to be playful in the design.




  1. You have inspired me to start painting but I must woefully admit my work isn’t even close to as awesome as your paintings are! But I am having fun. Thanks for sharing, especially the close ups. My paintings look so flat and solid. Looking at yours it looks like you water down your paints a lot more than I do and that you overlay colors. Question, do you add the detail with a pen before or after you paint? Going to pull out the paints as soon as I get a break. Thanks for the continued inspiration. BTW, it’s also nice to see you branching out. Love the design of the peacock. How creative!!!


    1. Thanks, Janis. It's funny, I haven't been watercoloring for long at all, and I can already see my techniques changing. I did exactly what you are talking about when I first picked up the brush, I used too much paint, and lost the translucent beauty of watercolors. I've learned to start weak and go back and add more color, always keeping it airy. As far as the inking is concerned, I sometimes ink first, sometimes after. I even have watercolors, which I didn't share today, that I don't ink at all. Everything is much more muted. Also, I've decided I am never truly done! I keep stepping back and adding a little more depth here, another swirly line there. Eventually, I MUST tuck it away or no painting would ever be done, hehe.

      Most importantly, just have fun. What a lovely way to be creative. The freedom and "forgiving" nature of watercolors is addictive!

  2. As in everything, you are so creative and talented. These are beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Janelle, and I'm having so much fun!

  3. I love that they are still in ” your style”. We can look at your work in different media and still tie it to you. That’s good. In 100 years, we’ll know we have an original even if it’s unsigned.

    Love you. Pleas come for Christmas!

    1. Thanks, sweetie. I really appreciate all your encouragement 🙂 I SOOO want to make it to Christmas. It all depends on whether or not any of the kids come in, and how my back is doing. Will let you know as it gets closer. Love you, too!

  4. When I look at these masterpieces, I see an accomplished artist who has been involved in watercolor for decades! They’re gorgeous 😉

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