Rane and Kids just added a recipe via comments. I wanted be make sure everyone saw her link. Check out her yummy recipe for German Donuts and she shares a little about the recipe and family. The recipe can be found on her flickr account. Thanks Rane!  Hmmm... I now want a cup of coffee and donuts!!! I will definitely give these a try. I've never made donuts before. http://www.flickr.com/photos/iremembersleep/3973203293/


Thanks for linking me!!! Hope everyone has fun making these!
If you have any questions or problems...feel free to ask!!
But these are super easy... I am sure you will be fine!
Have fun, and these taste better with family and friends...so share!
Loads of love to you all!
Rane and family

for those of you not members of fickr you can see the recipe here. at my neglected blog... hehe! Have fun!


Thank you so much for linking us to Ranes Family recipe for Donuts! I will be trying to them with hubby and the kids really soon on a cold fall weekend...they look delectable!

I hope you have fun with these! If you do try them then post a photo! I would love to see the results!
Like my greatgrandmother said .."no recipe belongs to anyone person, after your family or friends eat it, it is theirs."
So feel free to enjoy! The are lovely. The bread flour is different than the all purpose flour. I think that the bread flour makes them more like a donut. Please enjoy!!
Happy October!

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