Awesome Christmas Surprise

Awesome Christmas Surprise

There is just no way I can write this blog without making your jealous. Seriously. But I was so touched that I can't not share it either. (Don't you hate double negatives?) So here goes. A couple of days before Christmas, my postman left a slip in my mailbox saying I missed a delivery. Really? I was home all day and my dogs light up if someone gets near our house. So I'm thinking he was a bit over taxed, and didn't even try. But I digress. 

Anyway, Tim happily ran to the post office for me and stood in a line that wrapped the building (again, another brag on my guy 🙂 and brought home the package. It was from Israel. I did a quick mental check list to see if I was expecting a package from Israel. Nope.

When I opened it up, I got a lovely, lovely note from Daria from Art of Felting, and the following heart stopping GIFTS…

Winter Fairy

Spring Maiden
Needle Felted Soft Sculptured Owl

Fairy and Bunny Brooch

Plus, I got a handful of her beautiful post cards pictured at the top of this post. Incredible, right? These are all very special and dear to us all. They will now become a part of our seasonal decorating, and I will think of our friend that lives and creates magic so very far away. Thank you, again, Daria, from the bottom of my heart. Your generosity and gentle spirit are cherished.

If you have never been to Daria's Etsy shop, Art of Felting, you will be awestricken. She is an artist extraordinaire, and I'm thrilled that my collection of her pieces is growing!

Did you receive a wonderful, handmade Christmas gift that you would like to share? Just link to your blog where it is featured, Flickr, Pinterest etc. or email us your photos so we can take a peek 🙂




  1. Okay. I will say it since I know everyone is thinking it, I am jealous!!! Since you first introduced me to Daria I have bought 2 of her pieces that we cherish. So beautiful. My children have a few more of her things on their wish lists, as do I. I didn’t even process that she had postcards. A nice inexpensive way to get alot of her work on our nature table.

    1. I agree about the postcards. It is a wonderful way to include many lovely pieces in your home. I've yet to make/buy card holders. I'm very excited to show them off.

    1. I love, love, love the mitts. Those are probably the loveliest flip downs I've seen. So pretty. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Beautiful gifts! I made two sets of the bigger gnomes for my daughter and granddaughter, plus a campfire, mushrooms and a few other things. Made a gnome home for my daughter, too. They LOVE them! They are the most played with Christmas gift they received! Thanks for the tutorials!

    1. I popped over to your blog and was going to leave a message, but I don't have any of the accounts listed. Did you know you could change the comment section to include name/url? I think it makes it easier for more people to leave comments.  Anyway… your gnomes turned out adorable! Congratulate Tabbi for sharing her hair with Locks of Love. Very special 🙂

      1. Thank you Kimara! I’m afraid I’m not the computer geek in my family! 😀 Maybe my husband can help me figure out how to change my comment section…

  3. I just checked out her etsy…she has some INCREDIBLE stuff!!! I’m really in awe.

    Lucky you to get a few pieces of that art!

  4. Wow, I admit it. I am jealous. How fun that you didn’t even know the box was coming. Her work is amazing. The lion currently in her Etsy shop and the raccoon and the fairies oh there’s just so much loveliness and talent on exhibit in her shop and in your post.

    Google reader didn’t load the photos. I’m so glad I clicked through to see what you got – curiosity killed the cat and all that. This post exemplifies what I love about the Internet – all the wonderful people who become part of our lives that we would have never have met otherwise.

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