Blogging Slacker!

Blogging Slacker!

I know every summer it seems like I’ve totally lost interest in Wee Folk Art to the point that I start getting concerned emails. Well, nothing can be farther from the truth, but the fact is, summer turns me into a total blogger slacker! I just can’t bear to sit at my desk designing and crafting knowing that I will then need to crop photos and write tutorials. Sounds way too much like school work, and I’m on summer vacation by golly : )

What I do a lot of in the summer is dream and plan. My idea book is full of things that will inspire me come fall, and I’ll be back to my old shenanigans, crafting and sharing ’til the cows come home! (Never really understood that expression. When I lived in the country in Kentucky, I noticed that the cows came home quite early… wanting to be milked I assume… but it wasn’t like they were out there partying ’til the wee hours! But… I digress!)

Anyway, around here, we are outside most of the day. Of course, I have been watercoloring my little heart out, and the wee ones are about as addicted as I am. When they start their nature studies this fall, we will be heading out with our nature journals and our small travel size watercolor sets. It will be heavenly! In the mean time, we are outside, doing all the things children have done outside from the beginning of time… having fun : )

Playing outside includes large heaping of fantasy play. When I saw these Forest Faces, I knew it was something we are going to have to try. Ents and tree folk are often included in fantasy literature, and following this tutorial at The Boy and Me you can create a forest of faces in your own backyard! Even if you don’t have clay, you can mix up a nice, thick mud, and sculpt some awesome faces to converse with! They may only last until the first good rain, but tree folk are often elusive, and you can also invite more into your yard.

Enough said, run along now… go outside and play : )


Photo from The Boy and Me

Reprinted on Facebook 7-25-13


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