Craft Basket – Fast to Make Using Recycled Materials

Craft Basket – Fast to Make Using Recycled Materials

This quick craft basket is a great way to organize crafting supplies. Plus, it’s easy to grab for on-the-go crafting!

craft basket

It’s summertime. Time to head outside and find a shady patch of grass to stretch out on. It’s also a great time to grab your crafting supplies and “while away the hours” drawing birds and butterflies, clouds and clover. Although I like the roll-up colored pencil holders, I personally am too impatient to take the pencils in and out of their snug little niches. If you look at my own crafting table, pencils and pens, rulers and scissors, are all sticking out of containers making easy access and storage.

So, I wanted to create a very simple, but organized, take-along craft basket that was sturdy, easy to use, and earthy. I began by finding a cute basket at Joann’s. I was looking for a small basket, that was sturdy and deep enough to stop crafting supplies from spilling out if being carried by a wee one. I only buy baskets when they are 50% off, and I got this beauty for $4.00. I was pleased!

craft basket

To make the pencil holders, I hit my toilet paper roll stash, slathered them with crafting glue, and wrapped twine around them. For a more detailed and pictorial view of wrapping the pencil holders, check out our tutorial HERE. After the toilet paper rolls were dried, I threaded the twine into a yarn needle, and simply tied them to the side of the basket. You can find the tutorial for the mini journals HERE.

Now, load the craft basket up with your favorite supplies, and hit the great out-of-doors. Enjoy!

photo: 7-16-09




  1. Very clever. I’ve got a bag of toilet paper rolls. Now a purpose, although I don’t think I need 100 pencil holders. hehe.

    1. I have a couple of suggestions for the TP holders, 1. Little drum Christmas ornaments. Cut them in thirds and cover them with colored paper or felt. 2. Toy soldiers or Nutcrackers. 3. Advent Calender. Fill them with candy or tiny items that children like and wrap with tissue paper and ribbon. Number them 1 thru 24 and hang them on the tree.

      1. You made me think of a several nutcrackers I made in elementary school with tp rolls as a base. I was so proud of them!

  2. I love the natural earthy style of that craft basket. It’s perfect in every way.

  3. Very clever. I’m a non-sewer, really a very NONsewer. It can be hard to find useful projects that require no sewing. I love this idea. Hey, even I can glue. Love your site.

  4. I love this idea — so simple and yet so lovely!

    Awesome… I’ve linked to my [url=]Nurturing Creativity blog [/url] so that others can see how clever ….

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a great way to reuse toilet paper rolls! Great idea for organising a craft basket!

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