The King and Queen of the Gnomedom

The King and Queen of the Gnomedom

Like much of the world, I anxiously awaited the arrival of Britain’s newest member to the royal family. The news of the birth of His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge was a delightful change from the often heart-breaking news that usually fills our screens. What joy to celebrate the birth of a healthy wee one. My heartfelt congratulations goes out to the proud parents and nation!

What many people don’t know, however, is that the gnome world is also governed by a monarchy. Amongst the wee folk of forest and city across the lands, kings and queens look after their realms with concern and compassion. They often go out amongst the people, taking a great deal of pleasure in knowing their subjects. They are not above sharing simple meals or sitting around an open campfire at night, sharing tales of days gone by.

Our gnomes that live in The Thicket are often visited by their king and queen. It is always cause for celebration with much eating, game playing and merriment, and it is with a tearful eye that the gnomes bid them farewell at the end of each visit.

Soon, we will be sharing the pattern so you can make your own King and Queen. (As soon as I unearth my sketches I used oh so many years ago 🙂 I’m sure your gnomes will also welcome a visit from the pair!

Photo: 7-30-13




  1. OH WHAT FUN! Can’t wait for a king and queen of my little gnomes. Thank you, thank you for such a fun, creative blog.

  2. These are amazing! I’ve tried to paint faces on little wooden doll forms and beads in the past, and they’ve turned out just horribly. The faces on these little gnomes are fantastic! I especially love the lattice work on the King’s hat though. I love that the King and Queen have very distinctly different designs, but totally match too. Thanks so much for sharing photos of the Royal Family! (Do you feel like paparazzi? Teehee! )

  3. I was looking for the pattern for the The King and Queen of the Gnomedom for my granddaughter for Christmas but cannot find it.
    I love your site and have used so many 0of the patterns. Thanks so much.
    Donna Godfrey

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