Britta’s Dilemma :: A Gnome Thicket Adventure

Britta’s Dilemma :: A Gnome Thicket Adventure


When Axel entered the house and said, “Now, don’t go getting yourself all worked up, but we have a wee bit of a problem.” Britta’s heart skipped a beat. Nothing ever bothered easy going Axel, so if HE thought there was a problem, no doubt it was serious.

Britta just turned and looked at Axel as he continued. “Of course you know we are having our Spring Equinox Celebration in a week, and there will be family and friends coming from all over the county.”

Britta could only nod slightly as Axel continued. “Well, the spring thaw was wicked heavy this year, and the rushing waters took out the footbridge over Burble Creek.”

Hearing those words, Britta’s heart sank. Without the footbridge, most of the guests would be unable to attend the celebration. Everyone had been working so hard getting The Thicket ready for the big day. They were all going to be so disappointed!

“Oh, Dear’, were the only words Britta could mutter.

“Well, I told you not to get yourself all worked up, Lass. As it happens, I already rounded up several of the boys in the area, and they will be here in two days, and we will be able to get the footbridge done in plenty of time.”

As soon as Britta heard that, she immediately said, “But, Axel, where will they all sleep?”

“Not to worry, love, the boys won’t mind sleeping on the ground around the campfire.”

“Oh, but I mind!” Britta cried. “The ground is so wet from the thaw, they will be soaked and surely catch cold. I have to come up with a plan.”

Axel just chuckled. “I’m not sure what you would do, Britta, if you weren’t fretting about something. I’m sure, if you put your mind to it, you’ll come up with something brilliant!”

And Britta DID come up with something brilliant. In two days several men joined Axel in The Thicket, and together they made short work of rebuilding the footbridge. Britta kept their tummy’s well filled, and provided for them very comfy and dry sleeping arrangements.





Visit us here next week on Wee Folk Art for the patterns and tutorial so your gnomes can make their own triple-decker bunkbeds!


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  1. It is so nice to see a new gnome story. My children and I always loved them. As my children have gotten older I haven’t added anything new to our gnome house for quite some time. I am so going to make this, for ME! Can’t wait to see your directions.

  2. I will be eagerly awaiting the “bunkbeds” tutorial. “MY” gnomes could benefit from this lovely addition.

  3. Hurray for the gnomes, lovely to have them back, and I’m looking forward to making the bunks now, thank you!

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