gnome home

Gnomes are known for their hospitality. You can help your gnomes stock their larders with these wooden miniature accessories! There were many things that were different about Caleen’s new life, but some things would never change. Making her new house beautiful and keeping her larder well stocked were things CaleenRead More →

Along the eastern seaboard, just south of a sleepy little human fishing village, there lives a colony of gnomes. Their wee cove was protected from threatening storms and overly inquisitive humans hundreds of years ago by several very powerful sea fairies. Here, in Hidden Cove, not much changes from centuryRead More →

Over the years we have helped Britta, the matriarch of our wee gnome family, decorate for the holidays. Here are a few of the Gnome Valentines Crafts we have shared. Hope you find something your gnomes will like! In many ways gnomes are just like you and me. They loveRead More →

It’s lights out and time for all gnomes to dream their “gnomey” dreams! What could be more comfy than to snuggle into an autumn sleeping bag? Make 1 or 20, depending on how many gnomes reside in your house following our Peg Gnome Sleeping Bag Pattern. Directions are as easyRead More →