Bug’s Christmas Gifts

Bug’s Christmas Gifts

Back in early November, I had my idea for Bug’s Christmas gift. He LOVES to draw, and I thought it was high time he had his own supplies. So, I got him a sketch book, a couple of “how to draw” books, and a nice set of pencils and erasers.

I think he will really enjoy the drawing books. The first is The Boys’ Guide to Drawing by Aaron Sautter. It has “aliens, warriors, robot and other cool stuff”. The sketches get harder as you progress through the book. The other book is Drawing Dragons by Sandra Staple. It teaches you “how to create fantastic fire~breathing dragons” and such. This book is more complicated than the first, but the pictures are awe inspiring, and like the other book, the drawings become more complex as you make your way through the book. The Kohinoor Gioconda 24 Piewce Drawing Set includes pencils, erasers, chalk and charcoal. Lots to experiment with. And, of course, I included some Strathmore Drawing Paper.

Next, I needed something to put everything in. I thought of making him a messenger bag, but I must admit, I decided to buy one instead. I started looking at kid’s bags but they were too small, and had designs on them that Bug would consider babyish. Finally, I hit some shops in town. The price tags were all very dear! Did I really want to spend $50.00 just on a bag? Then, I got lucky. I was in Aeropostale. I didn’t see any bags, so I asked. The manager said there were a few in the back left over from a promotion. She brought out the bag, and it too was $50.00. (Must be the going rate for messenger bags this year 🙂 As I was hemming and hawing, she did a price check, and it was reduced to $15.00! Well… YAY! So, I bought the bag.

It is really a cool bag. It has a distressed look about it, too. Just the kind of place to put all your treasured work. I did want to do SOMETHING to add a little panache and individualize it. I considered appliqueing something on it, than decided it would look more “grown up” to add a tag. After considering Bug’s favorite things, I made a keychain to look like Kai, a Lego Ninjago. I also embroidered his initials on the back.

And here is the final result…



Although I think Bug will like his drawing supplies, I know he is going to LOVE Kai. Tomorrow I will share the pattern I made just in case you have a Ninjago lover in your life 🙂



  1. Great gift for a boy! He’ll love it! Super idea with the lego applique. Nice deal on the messenger bag! Way to go!

  2. I love the lego! Isn’t it hard to buy for kids that are 9? My daughter is turning 9 and we go back and forth from growing up to being a little kid. Sigh – hope what we got her will last more than a couple weeks in the interest department.

  3. What a great gift. Your Ninjago rocks! Believe it or not, I’m going to make one for my husband for Christmas 😉 What can I say, he’s a big kid!

  4. Very, very cute! I’ve already added the first book to my amazon shopping cart and I will be back tomorrow for the pattern. I’ve got two boys that would love little felted ninjas for their backpacks. One of those little boys has a birthday tomorrow, but I think I’ll save them for both boys at Christmas.

  5. Your pick of gifts is great – the kids will love! Just hope they don’t read the blog……..

    1. I too am working on a wee folk Ninja for my neighbor kids. Your post was very timely. I am making the basic pipe cleaner and floss doll body. I am going to use black felt for the top and pants. I was just going to paint the face black leaving a space for the eyes. I like the emblem you put on his top. Very cool. I also have a cardboard house for them to live in that I am working on. So little time so many ideas.

  6. Gosh your work is so gorgeous! I love all of the gifts that you have put together for the children! Looking forward to January’s tutorial too!
    I also wanted to thank you again for the Sarah’s Silks giveaway, I received the star silk today in the mail, it’s more than I could have hoped for! My daughter is going to love it!
    And another thank you for stopping by my blog and adding it to your facebook page! I agree, a rainbow mobile would be fun to make, they would “float” so nicely! I love rainbows as well so I will be keeping my eye open for more petals!
    Have a wonderful holiday season!
    ~ joey ~

  7. Oh my gracious that Ninjago ring is sooooo cool! We have a bunch of Lego founds around here, two of whom are attempting to get all the Ninjago sets. I keep finding items that are pushing me to learn how to sew and/or knit! This is inspiring. Thanks for putting it up!!!

    1. i mean Lego ‘fans’, not founds. great spelling.

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