Crazy Quilt Post Earring Hoop

Crazy Quilt Post Earring Hoop

Since the completion of our new master suite, I have something I’ve never had before.. a place for everything. With the addition of our walk-in-closet, I can now bring together all my jewelry and scarves into one space. Although I’m still working on getting it just right, Tim mounted a closet/pantry rack on a wall. It was a simple solution and it is working out just great! 

I’ve used shower curtain rings to hold my scarves and some of my necklaces. I’ve fastened other necklaces directly to the rack, and I’ve hung my dangly earrings right over the wires.

I still have much to add to my rack. I’ve gotten some little boxes for my better jewelry I want to decoupage. I have since decided to remove my “snow scarves” (the ones rolled in the bottom shelves) from the rack and store elsewhere. I also have many brooches and barrettes that I want to add. Looking forward to coming up with solutions for displaying them all.

One of the first issues I addressed was storage of my post earrings. In a hurry, I made a wool “crazy quilt” design in a hoop, that turned out just great! It’s lightweight, easy to get on and off the rack, and holds lots of my small posts. I have many more to add to this, but there certainly is room. BTW… see those adorable turquois and silver flowers? It was my very first pair of pierced earrings I bought when I first got my ears pieced when I was 16! They are still my favorite pair! 

When I am “all done” getting everything displayed just the way I want it, I will share more pictures and projects. In the meantime, here is a super quick tutorial for making your own Post Earring Hoop.


  • scraps of tightly woven wool fabric
  • embroidery floss
  • wooden embroidery hoop
  • crafting glue

Lay your fabric out in a pleasing manner, overlapping seams.

Make sure the fabric is at least 1 1/2″ larger than the hoop. If you want, you can cut the fabric so you have 1/2″ seams. I didn’t do that. (I cut away the extra fabric when I was done stitching.)

Using 6 strands of floss, sew together your pieces of fabric using decorative stitches. Note: I sewed raw edges together. No need to finish the edges if your stitches overlap the ends. This stops you from getting bulky seams.

When done, cut away extra fabric on the back.

Place the fabric in the hoop removing all wrinkles and pulling tight. Cut away extra fabric leaving 1″ around outer edge for turning.

Add crafting glue to the inside of the hoop and fold the fabric over. I used clothes pins to hold in place until it was dry.

Your hoop is now done and ready to add earrings. If you want, you can add a loop at the top and hang it on the wall. Mine is just sitting on my jewelry rack.


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