Two Wrongs Make a Right for these Crocheted Bunnies

Two Wrongs Make a Right for these Crocheted Bunnies

There is an old adage… “Two wrongs don’t make a right”… but in this case, strangely they do!

I tend to tell people that I do not crochet. The truth is, I can crochet, it’s just that I don’t feel nearly as confident crocheting as I do knitting. As I have mentioned many times, Grandma Pearl taught me to knit when I was 5 years old. Knitting is second nature to me. There is nothing on a pattern that throws me for a loop, and I am the knitting guru of all my friends. Knitting problems are brought to me and I fix them. I am a knitter.

I learned to crochet soon after I learned to knit. At least I learned how to make a granny square. Grandma Pearl taught me that, too, but I NEVER learned how to make anything besides a granny square. As a matter of fact, I never learned to attach 2 granny squares, so any afghan I made was just one big granny square! I had its own beauty, but my skills were so limited, when people asked me if I crocheted, I simply said no.

For the most part I was quite content to shun crochet patterns. There were so many knit patterns and so little time, in my mind not being able to crochet was never an impediment. Over the last few years, however, I have found more and more patterns that beg to be crocheted, and I’ve cautiously moved toward crocheting… wishing Grandma Pearl had taught me as much about crocheting as she did knitting!

Fast forward to the present. I wanted to make something for Pumpkin and Peanut for Easter.

Pumpkin and Peanut with their pretty Mama!

Time was slipping through my fingers, when I happened up a pattern for this Bunny Ragdoll from A la Sascha on Ravelry. I immediately fell in love with it and knew the girls would, too. Alas… they were crocheted BUT for these sweeties, I was willing to step outside my comfort zone and give it a try. I purchased the pattern and some yarn and was good to go.

With YouTube open, I set to crocheting my first bunny. I started with the gray one. Although the pattern itself was relatively easy to follow, as a none too confident crocheter, I was having trouble with the seam on the ears going wonky and traveling around the ear. I redid the ears at least 8 times… no exaggeration… without success. I convinced myself that it looked okay. I continued on, and somehow, and I’m really not sure what I did, the seam on skirt stayed nicely tucked on the side, so you couldn’t even see it!

I must admit, the wee bunny turned out totally cute, but as a perfectionist, the seam on the ears nagged at me. Because I was running out of time, I decided they really were THAT bad!

So, I moved on to making the brown bunny. I swear I don’t know what I did differently, but the ears came out perfect! The seams stayed on the side. Now I was faced with a dilemma. How could I possibly send one perfect and one flawed bunny to the girls? I couldn’t! So, I ordered up more yarn and paid for express delivery so I could get these made and mailed in time for Easter. I continued working on the brown bunny, my new yarn came in, and when I was finishing up the bunny, I realized I had a seam going down the back of the dress!!! Seriously??? How in the world did that happen? Why did I do it right on the gray bunny and wrong on the brown bunny? Oh, Grandma Pearl, how I wish you insisted I learned to crochet better!

Fortunately, the rest of the bunny was perfect!

Now I had 2 imperfect bunnies and only enough yarn to make another. When I was deciding what to do, Michelle’s family came over for dinner. Pixie immediately scooped up the bunnies, and gave them a big bear hug. As I was explaining my dilemma to Michelle, I could see Pixie scrutinizing the bunnies, looking at the seams, then she said to me, “Gammy, they’re perfect and they just want to be loved.” Out of the mouth of babes. When Peanut and Pumpkin hug their bunnies, they won’t be looking at the wonky seams. They will love their softness and their serene faces. They will carry them around by a dangling arm or foot, and they will give the girls comfort when they are sad. To the girls, they will be perfect and the love they will have for them will look past any flaws that I see!

So, yesterday they were packaged up and sent on their journey to South Carolina. They will be there in plenty of time for Easter, and I am sure the girls will give no mind to the imperfections. I must admit, if one of them had turned out perfect and the other was flawed, I would have made another, making sure there were no mistakes. As it turns out, in this case, two wrongs did make a right!

You might wonder what I plan to do with the extra yarn. Well, I think Pixie earned a new lovey, don’t you?

Materials Used for the Crocheted Bunnies

Pattern: Ragdoll Bunny by A La Sascha can be found HERE

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran Yarn can be found HERE


Debbie Bliss – Cashmerino Aran – 078 Taupe (Brown Bunny)

Debbie Bliss – Cashmerino Aran – 202 Silver (Light Blue) (Gray Bunny)

Debbie Bliss – Cashmerino Aran – 025 White


Debbie Bliss – Cashmerino Aran – 082 Duck Egg

Debbie Bliss – Cashmerino Aran – 072 Peach

Debbie Bliss – Cashmerino Aran – 064 Cowslip

Debbie Bliss – Cashmerino Aran – 046 Heather

To make the 2 bunnies I purchased 2 skeins of the body colors and 1 skein of the other others.






  1. Had to comment!

    I don’t crochet and I don’t have kids yet. I follow your blog cause I want to work on projects like yours when I do have kids.

    Isn’t it amazing that a post about crochet bunnies spoke to me about love!

    Have a blessed day xxx

    1. Kimara

      Sometimes we can get to feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything we do and then we get a comment like yours and it makes each and every moment we spend worth while! I am so delighted our blog speaks to you. It is our opinion that we can choose to surround ourselves with beauty, creativity and love and pass that on to others. Just by your comment I already know someday you will have children that will be blessed because they have a mother that also chooses to bring love and beauty in their lives.

      So pleased you are a part of our online family!



      1. Thank you for your lovely reply it just made my day 

  2. I have to share that the seam issue is what got me totally nerding out and sucked into really learning to crochet. I wanted a character beanie for my then 15 month old son for Halloween. Found a lady that did beautiful work but didn’t really want to pay $30 when I didn’t know if he would even keep it on. I said “I’m crafty, how hard can it be?” So I made him a hat…..with the most awful looking seam down the back! I used a free pattern and with a little looking the “designer” even posted pictures showing her seam down the back. I said “Nope, gotta be a better way!” And down the rabbit hole I went. LOL That was several years ago and I have just ventured into knitting in the last year.

    Check out Crochet Ever After on YouTube. She has hundreds of videos (left and right handed) showing tons of techniques, tips & tricks. Altering a seam in the different kinds of stitches is in there somewhere. Moogly blog also does some wonderful video tutorials and has some really nice patterns that fall in the KISS category. 😉 And if you continue making crochet amigurumi learn the invisible decrease, it looks so much nicer!

    1. Kimara

      Hi Laura,
      Oh my… I know that rabbit hole oh too well. I also find the challenges of various crafts are what sometimes pique my interest and pull me in! Thanks for sharing your experiences, the sites, and your suggestions. I will absolutely check them all out! Thanks! ((hugs)) ~Kimara~

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