Crooked House Update

Crooked House Update

The expression "bitten off more than you can chew" must have been coined by some cockeyed optimist that took on a project that was far more complex than she anticipated! Yikes! I’ve never designed a pattern for anything this complex before. When I made my crooked house, I winged it. Far more complicated trying to duplicate it for others to make. I’ll just say it’s been a learning experience… but in a good way. 

I was hoping to have the pattern posted today, but I don’t see that happening! I’m getting close, though, and I’m very happy with the way things are going. I have the pattern pieces designed and they’re ready to be made into a PDF, but I still need to write up directions. Also, I’m turning this first piece into a pillow, which requires quilting, and I’m not done with that yet, either. PLUS, I need to write up directions for making the pillow. Did I say YIKES already? Anyway, the grandbabies were over today and I had the partially completed pillow, as seen above, pinned to a walling hanging quilt. The kiddos took one look at it and said, "Gammy, that’s soooo beautiful." The girls were thrilled to know it was going in their room. (And this is why we do it!)  As expected, my grandson then asked, "What are you making me?" And so it goes!

I will have a little time to myself this weekend, so I’m hoping to get it finished for Monday, or at least the beginning of next week. Look for it then.   



  1. I agree with your “grandbabies”. Very cute! I adore the colors, too.

  2. Oh, I love this. It will look great in my daughter’s room. Can’t wait for the pattern.

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