Paper Mache Dino Eggs Part Two

Paper Mache Dino Eggs Part Two

Here is part two of the Paper Mache Dino Eggs project originally published Feb 2009. Click here for part one:

After the paper mache dried completely, I cut off the balloon tails. The balloons pulled away from the inside of the egg. You could try to remove the balloon if you wish, I didn’t bother. Then I made a little paper mache to patch over the holes.

Once that dried, the kids painted their dino eggs. You could try to paint the eggs camouflage colors, but I let the kids pick the colors they wanted. Pixie completely covered hers, Bug went with a speckled theme and Fairy’s was more patchy – using all the colors.

These eggs could be used as fun Easter decorations. Fill a large egg with treats and use it as a pinata or maybe use smaller balloons and fill the eggs with little treats… instead of using plastic eggs.


Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. My seven year old little girl loves anything to do with dinosaurs and we’ve been working on these for a couple of weeks now. When we have less humidity the paper mache works better and we’ve had a lot of rain and storms lately. We’re going to make a ‘nest’ for them. I love making a mess with her!

    1. I always made these with my preschool class. While waiting for the paper mache and paints to dry (very hard for preschoolers to wait!) we would work on building nests. We usually had 3 in the room. We would go out and collect small branches, sticks and leaves and create a cozy nest to put the eggs in. It was always a favorite. Also, during our study of dinosaurs, we all took on "dino" names like "kimaradon", "brandonasaurs", lenadyctle, etc. The kids loved this and then would design a dinosaur to match their name. There is this cute dino name generator you can have fun with, too!

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