Perky Note Holder

Perky Note Holder

I am ALWAYS trying to come up with new ideas of organization that work for me. Not an easy task…I’m not known for my strong organizational abilities! Still, I’m always on the look out for the perfect system…ever the optimist! I am always coming up with ideas when I’m out and about. I have to record those ideas quickly or they are gone forever! So, I’ve tried all sorts of different note taking aids. I’ve carried little spiral notebooks, but I’m always catching the spiral on things. I LOVE Moleskin notebooks, but I hate ripping pages out of them. And, I am definitely not a Blackberry kind of gal! So, more often then not, I’m writing things on the back of receipts or store advertisements. And there is only a 50/50 chance that I’ll ever see the info again!

I was thinking I should start carrying 3×5 cards with me. They are easy to write on and when I get home, they are easy to organize. So, tonight, after a crazy weekend of house guests and our Pumpkin Carving Party, I sat down and made a little 3×5 carrier. I love how it turned out! It’s all blanket and stem stitch, with a vintage button and elastic closer. I might want to add a pen carrier, but that’s easy enough to do. Looking forward to giving it a try. 

I’ll get instructions online later in the week for anyone interested in making their own! 


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  1. Hmm… I see scaling this down and using it as a business card holder. Or I can imagine it being used for coupons, etc. Very cute.

    Welcome Learnin2sew.

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