The Days and Weeks Ahead AND A Grab Bag Giveaway!

The Days and Weeks Ahead AND A Grab Bag Giveaway!


EDIT: This giveaway is now closed. 4 winners will be announced tomorrow, Monday, April 18.

EDIT: If you do not have a Facebook account, just leave a comment 🙂
This morning I wrote a blog that was probably 3 pages long explaining why Michelle and I felt the need to take a blogging break. Reading it over now, I realize it was overkill! Suffice to say, after 3 years of blogging a minimum of 5 times a week, and sharing 1 – 3 crafts each week, we are exhausted. What was meant to be a fun outlet has become a full time job, AND we are NOT a business!

There are many other pursuits that we have and blogging at this rate has taken a toll on our families and is sapping our creative juices. We both have other projects we wish to work on, yet our desire to maintain the quality of Wee Folk Art prohibits our personal pursuits. We have both felt the stress of realizing it was 8 p.m. and that we don’t have a blog ready for the next day. Please realize, we know we are the only ones responsible for setting standards that we felt compelled to adhere to, but we love WFA like a cyber child, and it is hard to give it anything less than our all!

But we realize that we need to let go. Not let go of Wee Folk Art… but let go of the rigid standards we have created for ourselves. So, this is our plan. We are getting away from “blogging”… in other words, from sharing something each and every day. We will no longer blog simply for the sake of blogging. We are also going to tackle some crafting projects we want for ourselves that may or may not be of interest to our readers. We will continue to share crafts and tutorials, but as they authentically touch our lives.  If we don’t share anything for a week, we don’t want to feel bad. On the other hand, if we are on a crafting roll, we will share what we are doing.

Think of it this way… we aren’t disowning our child… we are just sending it to camp! What you can expect are crafts and tutorials, giveaways, and access to all our past blogs and crafts, just not at the rate we have been functioning at. We will put our comments on moderate since we might go a day or two without logging on, but we will get to and reader each one! Also, PLEASE feel free to email us at with any questions, comments or concerns you may have.

We highly recommend recommend you sign up for our RSS Feed  so you know the minute we post something new 🙂 But better yet, if your not a fan of ours and following us on Facebook, make sure you do. I will continue to share my discoveries there, along with announcements you might find of interest. Also, I will link to all of our new crafts and tutorials. To encourage everyone to “like us” on Facebook, we are having a “Grab Bag Giveaway”. Just go to Facebook and “like us”, then come back here and leave us a comment letting us know you did. Already a fan of Wee Folk Art on Facebook? Then just leave a comment telling us you already are. On Sunday, April 17, at 9:00 p.m. EST, we will draw 4 winners, yep 4, and each will receive a craft that I have made in the past. I know you are all dying for a Wee Folk Art original, right? Hehe!

Anyway, Michelle and I are both looking forward to a break. We hope you continue to stop by frequently to use our old patterns, and that you continue to think fondly of us and visit often to check out new crafts and giveaways. After some rest and relaxation, I’m sure we will slowly slide back into our old habits, but in the meantime, I’m looking forward to having a cup of tea in the morning on the back deck WITHOUT dealing with the computer first 🙂 Hoping everyone understands.

Don’t forget to “like us” on Facebook, then leave a comment here. Won’t it be fun to get a surprise in the mail?

BTW… our archives are a MESS. Many of our old tutorials have the wrong photos. We plan to use this time to also do a bit of blog cleaning 🙂 




  1. I can certainly understand how exhausting it must be crafting and blogging like you do, but we really do appreciate all your efforts! Enjoy your free time, looking forward to whatever you share, and I would love to win ANYTHING you’ve made, Kimara!!! Oh, yeah, I’ve liked you on Facebook for ages 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing your crafty wisdom – enjoy your hiatus. I’m already following you on fb.

  2. Congratualtions on preparing your wonderful child for camp and sucessfully sending him off into the world! So happy for you both to have some breating time! I Like & LOVE you on Facebook! Thanks so much for all you do and share!

  3. I am already a fan on Facebook. Enjoy a well deserved rest and it will take me 2 years to get through all of your crafts that I want to do! Would love a surprise from Kimara. How sweet!

  4. I do understand, it does take alot out of your lifes, and I love this site so thank you so much for what you do! I have still yet to make my leprachaun gnomes, they will have to wait till next year! I do follow you on facebook, and have for a while. I love your crafts adn the sewing tutorial oyu have. Thank you so much!

  5. Just became a fan on Facebook which I’ve been avoiding like the plague, hehe. Just make sure you don’t slowly disappear, YIKES! Love you guys!

  6. I love reading this blog and getting ideas, I am already a fan on facebook!!!

    I hope you guys keep going and I’d love to win!!

  7. I like you! I like you! I really really do! 🙂

  8. I must admit it is going to be hard not reading you first thing every morning with my first cup of coffee BUT… I am rather new to your blog, and I’ve always wanted to go back to your beginnings and catch up. This will be a perfect time, so I guess I can still read you each morning with my coffee. Already love you on FB!

  9. But understand the need to focus on family and other things. I already follow you on facebook, and have been an email follower for a long time. Thanks for all your goodies that you have shared in the past.

  10. I am new to following your posts and have really enjoyed them. I enjoy the updates on FB and will be looking forward to the days you do “blog”. Enjoy your time!

  11. Since you are not saying goodbye, I’m not panicking! I love to cook, but I go through periods where I will explode if I need to think about dinner ever again! Fortunately, you have the ability to scale back. I don’t think my family would be gracious if I walked away from the kitchen, lol. I’m a fan on Facebook. I love your blog, but I also enjoy all that you share on Facebook. You guys are very gifted. Thanks for sharing so much of yourselves with all of us.

  12. GOOD ON YOU! Very smart–family first, you will never regret that. As a crafter and writer I can understand how hard it can be to keep priorities straight. You are setting a great example for your fellow craft-loving readers. I’ve been a FB fan for a few weeks now–love your posts. Enjoy your family and craft time!!!

  13. I *love* you on Facebook 🙂

  14. Thanks for all you have already done for your blog followers…it is amazing to me how anyone can keep up with daily posting..especially when it is always high quality, as yours are. i will patiently await your return, here and on facebook, where I “liked” you a while ago! Take a deep breath, and enjoy the quiet!

  15. Thank you for all your time over the year and wonderful crafts!

  16. I have got a list my arm long of crafts from your site I want to make. I made the little retro apron just last weekend and my daughter is thrilled! Next up, the prairie skirt. Thanks for all you do and I’m glad you are cutting back if it was beginning to feel stressful. I’d rather have less of you than none of you, hehe. I love you on Facebook ;]

  17. Enjoy a well-deserved break exploring a great many interests that you haven’t had time for! I hope that it is a creative and wonderful time for you.

    And I already “like” you on Facebook and subscribe to your RSS feed.

  18. I love your website! You have helped me a great deal in finding ideas for my storytelling in the kindergarten classes. I am a speech pathologist in the public schools, I’m a Waldorf parent and have worked in Waldorf schools in a variety of capacities. I’m doing the Caps for Sale story with the puppets/tree in May. Working on the painting/creation of the man and hats over my spring vacation this next week! Can’t wait to perform it! I made a bunch of the leprechauns to do my story of “Lucky Patrick” during the week of St. Patrick’s Day! They were a hit! I still have one in my classroom on the bookcase. Thank you for all your inspiration!

  19. Hey, it’s your thing. Take a break if you want to! I, for one, will continue to look at your blog/archives for crafts. And I already follow you on Facebook.

  20. Good for you for taking a break! Enjoy yourselves! This gives me a chance to do some of your older crafts without being too distracted by all the new ones you post. : )

  21. enjoy your well-deserved “vacation”!

  22. I want you know how much I have enjoyed your blog since discovering it last year. I know it is very time consuming so enjoy your time off! Relax, have fun, and take care of yourself. I will miss your daily blog posts but enjoy looking back at your old ones!! Thanks again for sharing all your wonderful ideas with us!!!

  23. I’m already a fan on facebook. I LOVE your crafts! I just finished three gnome beds.

  24. I’m so glad you are taking time to care for yourselves. Like many of the other posters, this will give me a little time to try some of the archive projects. There are many treasures on this site & I look forward to going through them all.

    Thanks for all the great projects!

  25. I am a blog follower through my google blogger dashboard. However I don’t have a facebook account… so I am unable to “like” you on there! I read everything you post and love trying out many of your craft ideas! I hope I can still enter the grab bag giveaway.

  26. I don’t just “like” you on FB – I love you! Enjoy your well deserved break.

  27. already a huge fan (on fb too!). Thank you so much for the head’s up… I would worry if WFA slowed down without an explaination… enjoy your hiatus!

  28. I’ve been a facebook fan for a while now. Thank you for sharing all you do with us. I’m happy the work you have put in won’t be going away, and if you post less often, I’m more likely to be able to keep up on reading the blog 😉

  29. Thanks for all your amazing ideas. I needed a new way to craft. I call it gnome-therapy!

  30. I just liked you on FB. I totally understand that you need to back off. I’ve had to take breaks, too. I’ll be looking forward to whatever you have to share with us whenever you can.

  31. you are on my google reader so i’ll be pleasantly suprised when your blogposts show up again 🙂 i just added you on facebook!

  32. I like you on FB too. Your site is wonderful, but it must be
    exhausting to do everything you two do. Rest, enjoy your families and know that we will all be here awaiting your next
    crafting blog/ideas/tutes. Another great giveaway underway too. How fantastic!!!!!

  33. Thanks so much for all your hard work, I understand the need to slow down, so good for you for doing what you need to do. By the way I think a wee folk art original would be awesome, you guys really brightened my day with your cheery posts.

  34. I already like you on facebook. 🙂

  35. Brilliant! There’s nothing which saps creativity faster than obligation. I hope you both enjoy the break and rejuvenation you’re creating for yourselves.

    I don’t have FB anymore so I can’t “like” you (nothing saps my social life faster than social networking websites, lol) but I do hop over there for a look from time to time. I have your blog in my bloglines and will continue to look forward to new posts, no matter the frequency.

  36. No need to worry – I’m glad you’re taking time for yourselves and your families. I am completely anti-Facebook so I can’t like you there, but I already subscribe to your feed and I have no intention of un-subscribing. 🙂

  37. I “like you” on Facebook, and I know where you’re coming from.

    When I started my blog, I made a conscious choice to only post authentic crafts and thought-driven posts. I didn’t want to feel like a slave to my blog or do activities in my “real” life just for the sake of my blog.

    I’m glad you guys are making the same deliberate choice. We all know the content will still be so good!

    Looking forward to finding out what your givewaway is.


    Kelly @ Creating a Family Home

  38. Blogging can be so all consuming and it is so important that you and Michelle take the time you need for your family…much more important! With three little ones of my own, I’ve had to scale back my online time immensely and I can appreciate how much you both do. I already subscribe via feedburner (the only way I keep up with any blogs!) and like on on Fb. I’ve really enjoyed the links etc. you share from time to time there. Thanks again for providing such crafty inspiration. Much appreciated!! Take care.

  39. I definitely understand. I was in the same place a year or so ago with my own personal blog. Here’s hoping you enjoy your new “freedom”! And I’m already a FB fan!

  40. I couldn’t support this any more. I love Wee Folk Art and have grown very fond of its contributors. Enjoy your well-deserved break!

    Naturally, a fan on Facebook. 🙂

  41. Keeping up with a blog is a lot of work. It makes sense to take a break and cut back. I always do.

    I just added you on facebook too. I didn’t even know you were on there.

  42. You both deserve a break! Your crafts, patterns, tips, etc. are all wonderful. I would love a Wee Folk Art original! Of course, “I like you” on facebook, too.

  43. life is long. savor the days with young children and pace yourself accordingly-i try to remember this, myself, and i applaud you both for being an inspiration in a new way this week!
    i would love a wee folk original but am not on facebook

  44. I don’t use Facebook. But I do like you. (:

    Have a great blogging break – everyone needs one now and then.

  45. many blessings to you in your much needed space. so kind of you to share so very, very much of yourselves. i know how much time and energy blogging takes and that is why i rarely manage more than once a week though i would love to do more. enjoy your spring!!

  46. I “like”ed you on facebook and am glad you’re pairing down to what fits comfortably in your life rather than giving up altogether 🙂 thanks for all of the lovely crafts that you share.

  47. Glad you are taking time for yourselves! 🙂

  48. …to take back a big chunk of your lives! I completely understand your reasoning, I don’t blog myself but I’m gradually reducing how much time I spend visiting other people’s blogs. It’s really helpful that you can be notified when a blogger has posted something new. I love seeing your beautiful creations so I’ll be sure to visit whenever you do post! And I reference your past ideas regularly!
    Thank you for all that you have done!
    ~ joey ~
    ps. I have closed my Facebook account so can I just say that I like you here?!

  49. I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago, and have thoroughly enjoyed all your projects. I even tried my hand at a few felt poppies. Must get some 100% wool, though. I too, have taken a break from my blog, and understand how consuming it can be. Take care of yourselves, and I’ll still be a faithful reader!

  50. I feel the same way…we all need time and space to let creativity take it’s course and sometimes is may not lead to a “perfect” product, but it’s the journey that will make your experience grow.
    I also already “like” you on FB!


  51. Sounds like a really good idea. You have to do what’s right for your families and yourselves. I look forward to reading about what you’re up to, just a little less often. Enjoy your break!

    Oh, and I’m a fan!

  52. Happy resting! from Blog World. I would like a chance to win one of your original art works.

  53. there’s enough awesome stuff in your archives to keep us all busy for a long long time! thank you so much for sharing these great ideas.

  54. Hiya, I have been reading you for a while, now I am a f/b liker too…. love all your ideas – I am new to felt work so looking for inspiration…. and lots with you of course…

  55. I “liked” you on FB and I am subscribed to your RSS feed. Recently discovered you & LOVE what you do!

  56. I have been a fan on facebook for a long time!
    Enjoy your tea!

  57. Enjoy your blogging break, no matter how long it lasts 😉

  58. (Facebook follower & RSS reader!)

    Enjoy the rest! You deserve it!

  59. Enjoy your break! I already like you on facebook!

  60. Everyone deserves to “check out” every once in a while. Enjoy your time off. We’ll be here waiting. I’m already a facebook fan.

  61. Enjoy your more restful pace! I have enjoyed your blog the whole time and have made “Eddie” and a couple other projects from inspiration found here. If you never post again there are still things I could make and not run out for a long time! Thank you so much for all the time devoted!

  62. Slow down, sip the tea, smell the roses… it’s no good for ANYONE if you’re too pressured to enjoy it! Meanwhile, I”m thinking your applique blocks will be a nice hand-sewing project to take to my daughter’s softball games and tournaments this spring! Thanks for all you do…

    I “Liked” you on Facebook. Look forward to seeing the next projects!

  63. found you on facebook. enjoy your new path!

  64. I’ve liked you on Facebook! Enjoy your break…

  65. I’ve enjoyed your blog for awhile now and always feel inspired by your crafts. I plan to make lots of things for my granddaughters with your patterns. Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into this.

  66. Liked you on Facebook. Thanks for all you share with us, enjoy the quiet time.

  67. I think it’s always important to step back and see what’s going on in your life, it’s the only way to maintain “balance” or a good lack thereof.. I “liked” you on Facebook. And, yes, of course I would love something really made by Wee Folk Art. I’m a grown woman and I love your mushrooms, crafts and all you do.

  68. You are such an inspiration to me. I have made a concious decision to not sign up for facebook, twitter etc,etc as they so often use up time that is so much better spent on other persuits. Having said that- I do love your site and have recreated many ideas from your site for my children! WeeFolk art is one of only a small handful of sites that I check out almost daily for my daily dose of inspiration! Thank you for this- so although I won’t “like” you on face book I do love you! Enjoy your new found freedom from “cyber slavedom”!

  69. How kind you are to consider your readers and offer gifts! As if you haven’t already shared your hearts.

    I read you on google and fb.

  70. Been a fan on FB since you first got on there. 🙂
    Enjoy the time away.

  71. I “liked” you! Enjoy your vacay!

  72. I wrote a similar post on my own blog several weeks ago. Taking a rest from the blog treadmill has been such a relief. I have finished 3 quilts in that short amount of time. It’s amazing how something like a blog that is designed to share creativity and thought, oftentimes stifles it.

    Here’s to rest and reconnecting with your craft.


    PS. I don’t FB else I would like you.

    PSS. I also don’t own a cell phone. Viva the Luddite way! 🙂

  73. It’s a good thing to know when to take a break. I’ll miss you!
    Liked you on facebook.

  74. Liked you on fb – Robin Phillips-Knotts is my id.

  75. I can certainly understand needing a break! After a year of going and running, this year we halted everything but homeschool and just enjoyed our family time! Enjoy your tea! (I liked you on FB).

  76. I’m glad you’re taking time for yourselves! You’ve given so much to us. I also look forward to seeing what you continue to share with us. I also liked you on facebook.

  77. Enjoy your break! We’ll all rejoice when you return.

    Blessings, Laureen in Virginia

  78. I just quietly peruse your amazing creations. Love the hand crafts especially since it seems beyond my power to hand stitch! Glad to know that there is life outside of blogging and that the reality of it becoming a full time job if we let it. Your post here made me feel so much better about the rarity of my posting. I like doing with the kids more than posting!

    I just liked you on FB so I can keep up with you.

  79. Thanks for the chance! I don’t FB, but I do like you. 🙂

  80. I like you on facebook and will sincerely miss you – enjoy your break.

  81. I am already a fan on FB and look forward to your occasional blog posts. I am having so much fun this week using your little knitted dolls patterns. My children love them! And I know that there is so many more great tutorials that I have yet to discover in your archives! Thanks.

  82. I liked you on Facebook. I think it is good you are doing what you need to do for yourselves and your families. That always needs to be the priority!

  83. Hi, we like you on FB as Soggy Bottoms Baby Duds

  84. “liked” on facebook. Love your blog and will look forward to your updates

  85. liked you on facebook, love what you do!

  86. I am so excited that I found your blog. Wow…you have been blogging for 5yrs?!?! I did sign up for the RSS feed. I am now going to read 5 yrs worth of blogs, can’t wait! I don’t have a facebook, I wouldn’t be very good at it, not enough time. I do blog though and I can sympathize with you, it takes away from your family time. Maybe I will get a facebook going and have to “like” you. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent!

  87. Enjoy your break! I don’t have a FB account but I’ve subscribed to RS 🙂

  88. i totally understand a step back from the blog and the exact idea of enjoying your cup of tea on the deck without the computer! your blog is somewhat new to me, so i have yet a lot to explore. i am grateful to hear that you are still keeping the blog because i just filled a basket on amazon for the harvest time curriculum as i embark on homeschooling my four year old son with it. i also liked you on facebook and would love a grab bag! thank you for everything you do!

  89. Sometimes I think I am lucky that I didn’t discover my creative bug until my son was a pre-teen. I had more time to do what I wanted and when I wanted. Good for you for realizing you are spreading yourselves too thin – and doing something about it! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway! I don’t have FB.

  90. I love all your great ideas and inspiration..everyone needs a break now and then so enjoy and take a slower rhythm to your life. I am already a fan on Facebook and can’t wait to find out what is in the Grab Bag.

  91. I so understand, have had my blog since 2005 and sometimes I feel drained by having to come up with something every single day for it.
    Enjoy the beauty of your deck and refresh !
    Would love to win a grab bag of yours. Been a friend on facebook for a while now
    Many blessings to you while you take a well deserved break

  92. I have been a facebook fan for awhile now and would love a Wee Folk original.

  93. I’ve been following you on fB for a while now, please enter me for the giveaway 🙂

  94. I’ve “liked” you on Facebook for a while now! Enjoy your break!

  95. I have been a fan of yours on FB for a while now. Enjoy your much needed break.

  96. Thanks for all the wonderful tutorials! Your blog has and will always be one of my favorites. Enjoy yourselves! Thanks

  97. I’ve been following for a while & thank-goodness! I’d hate to miss a chance at one of your giveaways!

  98. yours was one of the first blogs and favorite since i discovered this wonderful world of blogging. thanks for all you’ve shared and i would love to win one of your creations. I already am a fan on facebook. thanks again.

  99. Already a FB fan 🙂 Enjoy your break!

  100. Enjoy your break! You deserve it!! I love you and will still love you always! Thanks for all you have done!

  101. And RSS…I am sorry to not have same quantity of joy, but anyway I couldn’t follow your tempo :))) I already have so many projects on my wanna-do list! No kidding, girls, take care of you and your family. Cybertime can really take a big chunk of daily time, it’s crazy – especially if you put high goals and standards like you did.
    Enjoy your time and I know I will be happy when I see something new happened here…Wish you a nice and happy Spring!

  102. am I on time? I would really like to have some of your crafts. you’re a source of inspiration for me. even if you stop blogging for a while, there are still plenty of things to discover here. thank you.

    and I do like you on facebook for quite a while))

  103. My daughter is a teacher and I think there are tons of things here for lower grade children to do. She teaches in a small school, grades K-3 and it takes a lot of ingenuity to get crafty items for them to do, especially ones that look like some Dad’s could help. Thwnke w lot..

  104. Don’t feel bad, it is hard to keep up with it all. Not blogging everyday will keep the excitement high for you and for us. Enjoy the break, you deserve it!

  105. Enjoy your time away from blogging without any guilt. Taking a break is a necessary part of anyone’s creative process. I already “Like” you on Facebook, and am so happy I found you through Bella Luna Toys. Your mission statement to provide free craft ideas to folks like me made quite an impression on me. I’ve been following you ever since. I’m glad you are taking the time to care for yourselves at this time.

  106. Enjoy the break, and “rediscovering” yourself. Everyone deserves a break, even if it is from somthing they love!

    I’ve been a fan on facebook for awhile now.

  107. Congratulations on making such a difficult yet wise decision. We look forward to see new crafts and projects.

    We do and will continue to follow on FB.

  108. I have been following you on Facebook for awhile now and always enjoy the lovely craft ideas! And always love a good online contest:-) Thank you!

  109. Thank you so much for your great arts and we learned a lot from you. Thans for also the great giveways and chance. Have a nice break and we will miss you. I am on the facebook for a quite while.

  110. Hi there, I’m already a fan on Facebook so I’m leaving my comment to enter! 🙂 I enjoy the crafts you post and I’m glad you will continue to post!

  111. I am a fan and I celebrate your decision to take a little more time for yourselves.

  112. I have been a fan for quite some time and recommend Wee Folk Art in my felting classes. I understand that a blog is a huge commitment and look forward to whatever you post when you are energized and inspired. Good for you for taking the time you need! Enjoy the break and thanks for the giveaway!

  113. no need to explain. just enjoy life. if its not bringing joy…don’t do it! 🙂 I like you on facebook and here and everywhere! you’re awesome

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