Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Yesterday I was having lunch with a friend. We were talking about Wee Folk Art… where it’s going and how we’ve grown. I was commenting on our latest site design.

Her: Oh, I know. It’s so pretty.

Me: I agree it’s pretty. Michelle did a beautiful job, but what I love most is the organization. I love how much easier it is the navigate the site.

Her: What do you mean?

Me: Well, for starters, I love the gallery buttons.

Her: What buttons?

Me: All those icons across the top of the page. You know, it’s a row of flowers. If you click on them they will take you to specific galleries. We have photos of all the projects and links to the tutorials.

I then pulled up Wee Folk Art on my laptop and showed her.

Her: Hmmm. I never used them. I just thought they were part of the whole “look”.

After playing around a bit, she looked up.

Her: Wow, these are great!

Thus, the reason for today’s unplanned post. If you’ve been visiting Wee Folk Art and not using our Gallery Buttons, you’ve been missing out! After 6 years of crafting and sharing our tutorials, we have quite a collection, and personally, I lost track of many of our past crafts. Michelle designed this brilliant way to access all of our past projects. Simply click on an icon and off you go! I’ve been rediscovering some of our goodies. Hope you do, too!




  1. When you first updated your site,   the buttons were on top and worked fine.    The last few times I’ve checked in,  the buttons ate not anywhere to be found.  Could just be me on old computer using ‘explorer’

    1. Not sure why that would be. It is very hard when you are programming.  There are so many different operating systems that people use and it’s impossible to check all of them. Here’s one suggestion I have… try changing how you view the site. If you are using Internet Explorer, try Chrome or Firefox. You computer can behave differently with each of them. Sorry. They truly are useful!

  2. I love your little buttons and use them every time I visit your site! 

    Great work!

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