A Different Kind of W.I.P.

A Different Kind of W.I.P.

Around these parts when we talk about W.I.P. (work in progress) we are not always speaking about what’s on our needles or looms. Often we set aside our normal crafting and work on designing units for the wee ones. These units give us all a chance to really dig into a topic in depth and the children always enjoy them.

Right now I’m working on a 12 week unit on Native Americans, specifically, we will be learning about the Native Americas in 4 very different regions of North America; the Northeastern Woodlands, The Southwest, The Great Plains and The Northwest Coast. We will be learning about their way of life and comparing the lifestyles of these 4 different regions. 

Studies are cross curriculum and include science, where we will be learning about four different types of vertebrates, mammals, fish, birds and lizards, highlighting one animal from each region. There is plenty of reading, both aloud and independently, with basic language art skills including comprehension, vocabulary, dictionary skills and writing. Plus, the Native American culture is rich in lore and storytelling, and we will be reading many tales from each region.

And, of course, there will be many hands-on activities. Some of the crafting projects I’m working on right now are corn husk dolls, drums, wampum jewelry, totem poles and Kachina dolls. Plus, there will be plenty of recipes, music and art appreciation.

So… why am I telling you all of this? Because you can expect to see many of the crafts shared here… both before hand as I’m working on the craft, and then later when the wee ones are actually participating. Also, we will share our Native American Unit in much the same fashion as we did the Harvest Time, Winter Wonderland and Spring B’s curriculum. Do note, however, this unit is meant for 1st – 4th grade and it will run 12 weeks. We will share more info about it when we are closer to completion 🙂    



  1. I love this news so much I could eat it! I am *pretty sure* that I have what I want to do for our first grade all laid out, but I will admit I was hoping you ladies might give me a peek at what you are working with in your own families. In my dream it all works out that by the time I’m putting together 2nd, or 3rd grade you have a little something I can learn from. I am a glutton for your ideas!

    Much love,

  2. this is so exciting! I have used your Harvest Time and Winter Wonderland with my smaller two (though the older two are always around!!) and this project is one I can’t wait to see to completion and use with all of them!

  3. Hello. I love your site and often use your craft ideas in our home school. We school a 3rd 1st K and several preschoolers. I have looked at this post before and love how you put your 12 week curriculum together. I would love to see one for the bigger kids. I have such a hard time putting together my own( I seem to get in the way of the process) Is there any chance you will have this out soon? Could you share how you go about planning a 12 week curriculum?
    Thanks for all you do.

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