A Knight Needs a Mighty Steed

A Knight Needs a Mighty Steed

Just about ready to post the pattern for our Knights and Squires, BUT, how successful can a knight be without a mighty steed? With the help of The Red Knight and his Squire, I designed a horse, to be cut out of wood this weekend.

Starting next week, I will share the patterns and tutorials for making your own Knights, Squires and Steeds! Then, imagine the quests that will surely follow 🙂 

      For a supply list and discount coupon to A Child’s Dream, click HERE.



  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these. If been trying to be patient, waiting on these since you first mentioned them. Hurrah, hurrah, can’t wait to get started. AND, thanks to your inspiration, I got a scroll saw for Christmas which I haven’t used yet. I too have been waiting for nice weather. Might have to start with something easier than a horse, but I’ll get there, by golly! I showed my boys this pic today and they about wet themselves! hehe Thanks for all you do. You are my very bestest blogger ever!

  2. Love these. Have a few grandchildren who will also love them. Thanks for sharing . So very generous of you.

  3. Please, could you remind me (and maybe others) of a source for these “doll” forms. Sometime ago I searched and searched and could not find a US source. Perhaps there are some now. I see many knights and squires in my future.

    1. I've been in talks with Debbie over at A Child's Dream all evening. Check out my new post HERE. It has a supply list, links to A Child's Dream, and a 10% discount coupon code for anything you order between now and April 21! Woot!

      1. Thanks for the list of supplies and where to find the doll parts. I appreciate your quick response. Looking forward to your tutorial.

  4. Excellent timing! I am just finishing up a felt castle for Lola who will turn 6 next week. I am working on a unicorn still but I felt something was missing. Your knights are just perfect!

    1. I will be making wooden horses, and possibly dragons, too. Yikes!

  5. These are wonderful! What magical knights 🙂

    I love A Child’s Dream for felt and doll supplies. They are a great company! I agree that the 100% wool felt really lasts for play and keeping the dolls beautiful for years. Worth the investment for sure. I will be using the 10% code- thank you!!

    Thanks also for sharing your pattern! I love their helmets. Great details 🙂

    Best wishes!

  6. Heylo and bless your heart, this first tutorial is amazing… Can you direct me to the others, or are they not ready yet? Also, do you have any tutorials of other little rop folks that you’d share? I am woodburning a Hobbit Village for my living room picture window and any advice about little folk I can get, would be so appreciated.. Blessings and thats sure a grand blog you have. TY again, Mary C.

    1. Part 2 should be up tomorrow, and part three will be up some time next week 🙂 There are tons of photos, so it takes a bit of time getting it all together.

      I have yet to share any other tutorials for rope dolls, but I will be over time as time permits.

      As far as wee folks go, I suggest you start by looking at our gallary https://weefolkart.com/content/free-patterns-gallery. It will give you links to our past project.

      Hope you have tons of fun with the knights and your Hobbit Village. Love to see photos when you are done. You can share a link here or include it on Wee Folk Art's Wall on Facebook 🙂

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