A Dog Gone Birthday Party!

A Dog Gone Birthday Party!

Disclaimer: Before beginning this post I feel compelled to point out, that in the decades that I have owned dogs, I have never once given or attended a dog birthday party. Having said that…

This is how it went down…

Gammy: I can’t believe Leonard and Sheldon are going to be 1 year old on Monday.

Fairy: Are you going to make them birthday crowns?

Gammy: No, Sweetie. They wouldn’t keep them on.

Fairy: Are you baking them a birthday cake.

Gammy: No, Sweetie. Dogs don’t eat cakes. (Wrong! I happen to know dogs do in fact eat birthday cakes, fresh baked apple pies, and entire boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. But I didn’t mention that.)

Fairy: Are they having a party?

Gammy: Honey, no. Dogs don’t have birthday parties.

Fairy: Then how are they going to know it’s their birthday?

I couldn’t come up with an acceptable answer. So it was decided Leonard and Sheldon would have a birthday party on Sunday. Now, given the fact that there are 4 dogs living in our house, I felt like that would be a respectable number of attendees, with the addition, of course, of the wee one’s dog, Flint.

Todd: Uh, why are we taking Flint to this thing? He’s not really friends with them.

Michelle: I know. Think of him more like their cousin. Cousins are always invited to birthday parties.

Todd: And why am I going?

Michelle: Because my Mom feeds us on Sundays.

Todd: What time’s the party?

Fairy was still thinking the dogs needed birthday crowns. I then got a scathingly brilliant idea… instead of birthday crowns, I would make them birthday bandannas. Each year I could sew on a different number announcing their birthday, and then tuck the bandanna away until the next year. So, instead of doing the hundred other things I could have or should have been doing, I made birthday bandannas for the boys this morning, and I’ve got to say they are pretty dapper.

The day started with baths for the boys. You’ve got to look nice for your party, right?

I made their bandannas, including a doggie bone #1 on the front.

When the wee ones showed up… with Flint in tow… we made a birthday cake.

The gifts were unwrapped.

The bandannas were tied on.

We sang happy birthday.

And the birthday cake was shared by the canine guests. I offered to serve up some for Bug, Fairy and Pixie… they declined. (Gluten free brownies were shared after dinner.)

Because Leonard and Sheldon STILL munch on just about anything, the bandannas were taken off before the pack went outside to play. All in all, I have to say a good time was had by all, dogs and people alike.

Later in the week watch for our "recipe" for the doggie birthday cake, the Bandanna Fit for Man or Beast, and applique patterns for the bone numbers 0 – 9! 




  1. Hehe! We’ve had this same conversation recently. Our great dane pup is going to be 1 in a couple weeks. My little bugs want me to make him his own birthday crown. This is definitely a better idea. The bandanas are awesome and the boys look quite handsome. Happy birthday, Leonard and Sheldon!

  2. I can’t wait to see the recipe! We are getting ready for a doggy birthday in our house too!

  3. Wow that’s really cool that you had a party for them! My therapy dog has a birthday party every year with her “friends”. Everyone has fun! Can’t wait to make her a new bandanna to wear when you put up the pattern.

  4. My daughter walked in while I was reading this post.
    Her: “Wow that’s really pretty fabric they are sewing”
    Me: “Isn’t it? They are making birthday bandannas and birthday cakes for their dogs.”
    Her: “CUTE! Oh, I want to do that.” “Mom, I need to get two dogs, and then I am going to have a birthday party for them, and make birthday cakes, and birthday bandannas.”
    Me: “Ya. That’s an idea.”

    I love 6 year olds, and I love coming up with party ideas, especially when you have so many other things that you should be doing!

    1. LOL… Thanks for the chuckle! I love the fact that in order for her to actually have a doggie birthday party, she needs to go out and get 2 dogs! Sounds reasonable! Precious 🙂

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