Humbling Experience!

Humbling Experience!

I generally see myself as a rather accomplished crafter. I pick up things quickly, and before you know it, I’m dinking around with patterns and projects, making them my own. So you can imagine my surprise…nah, my disbelief, when I picked up a BEGINNER’S GUIDE to thread crocheting and found not only didn’t I grasp the craft immediately, I literally have yet to produce anything that even closely resembles what I set out to make! I thought I’d make a bit of lace to adorn something. How cool would it be to say, Yes, I made it…even the lace!? But, alas, instead of producing a light and airy work of art, I keep turning out objects that look more like tangled kite string! Well, I am stubborn, and I’m not ready to cry uncle yet, but this experience has certainly been humbling! If I ever manage to turn out something that resembles lace, I’ll let you know. In the mean time, if anyone knows of a great book or website that does a good job of talking you through the process, please share!


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  1. hmm… I’m feeling a challenge coming on. I must say I’m tempted to give some lace a try just to see if I pick it up any quicker. LOL… a little friendly challenge. Of course my current list of projects is long and mighty. But tempting, very tempting.

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