Doorstops Revisited

Doorstops Revisited

If you had to guess which of our projects were most linked to, what would you guess? Our Waldorf Style Gnomes? Our Knitted in the Round Doll Pattern? What about our Hair Pin Lace Tutorial? Although those are amoung the most popular patterns, the most frequently visited patterns are for our Doorstop Cat, Dog and Owl.

Meet Jasper, our Cat Doorstop:

Meet Horace, our Puppy Doorstop:

Meet Percy, our Doorstop Owl:

I may be a bit partial, but I think these guys are adorable… and our three are best friends. They hang out together all the time, and they are always going on adventures with the wee ones. But I must admit, they seldom hold doors open! So it makes me wonder, if these are the most popular patterns, are people making them to work as doorstops, as toys or as general room decor??? I suppose it doesn’t matter… cute is as cute does! But whatever their purpose, they are a welcomed addition to any home… for any reason 🙂

I received this email from reader Jillian:

For my cataholic friends!! Second from left needs the vet not quite stuffed yet!!
Did a dof at Christmas, an owl is the next Project! May have a collection of them…..a parliament of owls, I think is the correct term and a clowder of cats!!!

EDIT: Just received this update from Jillian:

Impressive 🙂 So, if you want to part of the “in” crowd, you might want to consider making your own gang of doorstops. BTW… I haven’t made a doorstop in a while… which would you most like to see a



added to the group? Or is there another animal you would like to see? Leave a comment 🙂 




  1. I think a pig would be really cute!

  2. We would love a hedgehog, a fox, and a chipmunk 🙂 in general we like woodland animals.

    1. I agree, woodland animals!!! I really like the fox idea!

    2. Yes, woodland animals. I was going to suggest a squirrel, but I like the hedgehog idea better. 🙂 I just thought a squirrel would be cute with a bushy tail.

  3. I actually like all of those suggestions. The only one I’d add would be a deer (doe or fawn) or a wolf. Otherwise any of them sound great!

  4. I would vote for the pig. Big pig fans at our house.

  5. these are very cute… maybe it’s the season that is making me think bunny….

    1. Bunny!
      A bunny would be lovely (and seasonal).

  6. Please make a pig! These are just too cute. i think I might scale them down and make them as pieces to plat with for my boys and their doll house.

  7. I just found your amazing blog thru Prairie Point Junction!! (Aren’t they The Best??!!) Your site is WOMDERFUL!!! I cannot wait to explore it more thoroughly.

    I vote for a Pig and a Bunny! (Kind of greedy, huh? 🙂 )

    I know they will both be too, too adorable!!

    Thanks so much!

  8. Hello. Okay I just love weefolk, especially the toys and the hosehold things that are so kid friendly. I would love to see more kid friendly household decorating ideas…But for doorstops I would love to see woodland creatures they would be fun but so would a pig, goat, sheep and chicken! 🙂
    P.S. I loved the bunny you made. He was perfect.

  9. Goat!! And, I thought you said somewhere that you had a dog? Why do none of your beautiful projects have dog hairs on them?? LOL My house is a perpetual dog hair tumbleweed palace!

    1. Trust me, EVERYTHING I make has equal parts dog fur and my hair! I swear I shed as much as the dogs 😉 I haven’t made a new doorstop in years! I was think about putting together some barnyard friends. A goat would fit in quite nicely 🙂


    1. This is going to be the quickest request I ever filled! We already have a bunny. I made him after these three, so he wasn’t in the photo. You can find the free pattern and tutorial HERE. Have fun!

  11. I ‘d like to see a pig door stop !

    1. Kimara

      So would I 😉 Actually, there are many new doorstops I want to make! ~Kimara~

    2. Kimara

      We are hoping to eventually add many more doorstops to our collection. You can be sure they will be a pig in the group 🙂 ~Kimara~

  12. Love, love, love these doorstop’s. Made a cat then enlarged the pattern and made a bigger one
    In the process of making another larger one for my daughter in law.
    Made them in a variety of colours so getting a nice little family of cats now
    Just downloaded the owl and dog ready
    Keep up the brilliant work x

    1. Kimara

      I must admit we love them, too. I think everyone I know has at least 1 of them that I have made. Not only do they work well as doorstops, but they make great toys for wee ones! Thanks for your kind words. ((hugs)) ~Kimara~

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