Dragon Scarves – CHECK!

Dragon Scarves – CHECK!

Remember those Dragon Scarves I mentioned awhile ago as Christmas gifts for my nephews? Well, I finally finished them this evening… along with matching hats and mittens so I can check this project off my list! These make my first fully completed Christmas gifts. Now to wrap them and ship them off.

I hope everyone else is making lots of progress on those holiday lists. Anyone else in the middle of a big Christmas project? Next on my list is a felted wool bowl.

Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art

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  1. Turned out so cute! Dragons, of course, are totally cool, but I love the mismatched mittens. Why have ordinary when you can have fun? I’m sure the guys are going to love them! And I refuse to discuss ALL the projects I’ve yet to do for Christmas. I get this funny feeling inside…I think it’s panic! Just have to plod along!

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