About A Girl

About A Girl

We’ve been home a few days, and I am finally starting to catch up. Before I move on to some new projects, I wanted to share some highlights of our visit. Not surprisingly, most of my photos were of the Little Lady. Here’s some highlights.

First… concerning the gifts I made:

The pants were too big in the waist, so I had to pop open a seam and make the elastic smaller. Not awful, and they turned out adorable.


The sweater was so cute on her but she has a long torso, and now I wish I had made the sweater 2″ or 3″ longer. I’ll make sure to take that into account the next time I knit her a sweater.


The hat fit her perfectly and she loved it. She wanted to put it on herself, so her flower was all over the place, but no matter where it landed, it looked cute 🙂

As for the crocheted kitty… well, that’s a sad tale. She wanted nothing to do with it. Oh, we tried to make them bond. Once I got all excited because I saw her rocking it, but then I realized she was just trying to jettison it from her rocking chair! I even saw her backhand it once… true story 🙂 I was telling Fairy about it when I got home. The little sage said, “Don’t worry about it, Gammy. I’m sure she’ll like it when she gets a little older.” Perhaps.

As it turned out, her favorite thing we brought was a ginormously huge container of Duplos. (Hand-me-downs from Bug, Fairy and Pixie.) And her very favorite thing… 3 fierce and mighty dragons!

And this is what it looks like when wee ones help make brownies 🙂 It was the first time she helped bake. Although at first she was unsure about brownie dough, but as you can see, she became a connoisseur before we were done 🙂 

In the past, I’ve shared the clouds we made for each of our grandbabies. You can read all about them HERE. Since they weren’t home for Christmas this year, we took the cloud with us to Wisconsin to get her annual handprint.

As always… it was hard to say goodbye. So hard, as a matter of fact, we wound up leaving 3 times. Once, we realized we took one of their pillows with us (just blocks after leaving) and then we got a call from Meghan that I left a stack of books there. At this point, we were still in town getting coffee, so we went back yet again. I’m guessing I just wasn’t ready to leave yet!

Frayed Flower

Reversible Pants

Sweater and Hat

Crocheted Cat




  1. So adorable. Too bad about the kitty. If she really doesn’t like it, you could always have a giveaway, hehe. I know a scamp around this place that would love it. Of course, who knows what kids will take a liking too. I love your cloud idea. Wish I had read about it when Trevor was first born.

    1. There's a long line of takers for the Kitty around here 🙂 I do think she might eventually like it… if not… her mama does 🙂

  2. She is adorable. Hard to compete with 3 fierce dragons! I agree with Fairy. She’ll wake up one day and discover she has an awesome kitty!

    1. It is hard to compete with dragons. She loved to make them roar… guess that's more exciting than making a kitty purr 😉

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