Drawing with Wool

Drawing with Wool

A little while ago I decided that I wanted to make a series of images to display inside the kids’ play house. I think it will be nice to change these out seasonally. I didn’t really have a set plan, but this seemed like a good time to try out a new medium for me… needle felting wool roving. I attempted this with a “who needs directions” attitude and just sorta winged it (of course it’s not like I haven’t seen the process outlined in books in the past). I learned a few things along the way and have a better idea of how I will attempt the second piece. I definitely think I have a way to go before I will feel confident in this medium… but it is fun to have a challenge like that. The kids all like it. So I guess that is a good start. Now I just need to get it a nice wood frame.

Anyone else in the middle of a “completely new to you” project?

Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art

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