Easy Pom-Pom Quilted Tree Skirt

This pattern makes an approximately 48″ Christmas tree skirt. The bobble trim adds a retro flair and a bit of whimsy. It is easy to sew and makes a great pattern for a beginner. You can use Christmas print fabrics or you can do as I did and choose to use calico prints in more modern colors. I used an alternating pattern of print/solid, but you can mix and match as many fabrics as you would like. You will need 16 pieces altogether to make your quilt pieced Christmas tree skirt.



  • Main fabric 1 & 1/3 yd
  • 4 different colors coordinating fabric 2/3 yd
  • 5 & 1/2 yards pom-pom trim
  • Batting (approximately a 50″ square)
  • Muslin fabric for backing (approximately a 50″ square)
  • Embroidery floss
  • Skirt wedge pattern
  • optional ribbon for ties



Print out skirt wedge pattern which is comprised of 4 pieces on two pages. Arrange by aligning the diamonds, and then tape together the 4 pieces to make one wedge shape.

Use the wedge pattern to cut out 16 pie wedges. I used 8 main patterned fabric pieces and 2 pieces each of the 4 coordinating colors.



Lay out your pieces in the color pattern that you would like.


Sew together the pie pieces using a 1/4″ seam allowance, right sides together. Be sure to leave one seam open so that your circle is not complete. Iron your seams. Since one of my fabrics was quite a bit lighter than the others, I ironed towards the darker colors.


Check your inside circle. You may need to trim it a bit to make it bigger to fit around your tree. You can use a lid or a plate as a guide to create a clean circle.

When the top is complete lay out your batting with the muslin, backing fabric on top, right side up. Place top piece wrong side up on top. Pin together and cut out the batting and backing to match the top piece. (If you want to add the optional ties, do so now. See notes below).


Sew around the inside edge, outside edge, completely up one open side and partially up the other side. Leave a 4 inch opening in one of the side seams in order to flip your fabric right side out. For a smoother center circle, notch the fabric with scissors prior to flipping.

Flip your tree skirt so that the right side are out. Iron your seams flat. Hand stitch the opening closed.


Use coordinating embroidery floss to tie every other section in 3 places. This will hold the batting in place.



Fold over the end of the pom-pom trim and pin along the outside edge of your skirt. You only need to pin the starting bit of trim, after that you can line it up as you go.


Use a zig-zag stitch to attach the pom-pom fringe all the around the skirt until you only have about an inch left. Trim off extra pom-poms and fold under the end of the trim. Finish sewing.


I decided not to use ties or button closures to hold my skirt closed. I find them unnecessary, especially once you start adding presents under the tree, but if you would like to add ties, you can do so when you sew up the edges. You will need 6 pieces of 12″ long ribbon. You can use store bought ribbon or make your own from extra fabric. Align your ribbons in pairs across from each other on each side of the opening. Place them so that the long part of the ribbon is inside the skirt between the right side of the top fabric and the bottom fabric. Leave a 1/2″ over hanging the outside seam. Sew the ribbons in place as  you sew up the sides.


Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. i LOVE this idea- the only after-holiday shopping I do is to fabrics stores- you can get 70% of holiday fabric in january…time to build my stash so I can make two new skirts

    1. Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art

      That is a great time to get fabrics… and I find that my after-Christmas crafting is so much more leisurely. I often finish up Christmas crafts in January. If you make the skirt… be sure to share pictures. We always love to see our patterns in use. Enjoy!

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