Fairy Ribbon Rings

Fairy Ribbon Rings

It’s Autumn! Leaving are falling, the air is scented with delicious, woodsy aromas, and the secrets of the forest beckon to us all… child and adult alike. The only thing better than running through the leaves, is running through the leaves with fall colored ribbons streaming in the breeze! Another one of our… “These are so easy, I can’t believe I’ve never made them before” and “Yay, no sewing!” is our Fairy Ribbon Rings. The supplies are minimal, the time investment is small, but the play value is enormous. Make one or make one hundred! I used 8mm ribbon for mine, and 2 3/4″ wooden rings from Casey’s Wood Products but you can use a variety of sizes of ribbons and larger wood rings. (Don’t get rings smaller than 2 3/4″ or children will not be able to comfortably hold onto them.) You can even use wooden rings from small embroidery hoops, but they will require considerably more ribbons! So, be on the lookout for ribbon sales, and check Ebay and other online sources for factory seconds and “grab bag” ribbon collections. Variety is fun!

So, gather up the supplies, give yourself less than an hour, and you’ll have a pile of Fairy Ribbon Rings ready to be played with. BTW… these would make super great Christmas gifts or party favors, and they are easy enough to do with your children. We will be doing this project with our kiddos on Wee Folk Activities later in the week. We will make a couple of suggestions on how to make the project even easier for little hands. If you’d like to get started making your own collection of Fairy Ribbon Ribbons the directions can be found HERE or with our FREE Patterns. Enjoy!  




  1. How fun! I love the next “action shot” post too. I would have loved these when I was little. Talk about awesome gift/favor/stocking stuffer alert…

  2. I made these for my little guy last Christmas as a stocking stuffer and put bells right where the ring connect with the ribbon. He still loves to play with them 😀

    1. And I have a drawer full of bells! Great idea, because the only thing better than a pretty, swirly ribbon thing, would be one that made music. Thanks for sharing. You can bet our next Fairy Rings will have bells on them.

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