Field Trip: Farmer’s Market

Field Trip: Farmer’s Market


In some ways it seems silly to call a frequent activity a field trip, but since we did spend a few minutes more focused on the activity I believe it counts. We marveled at all the colors and smells. The kids were especially drawn to the beautiful, purple eggplant.

It is just a glorious beginning of fall weekend, and we spent the morning in town. The place was a buzz more than normal as Main Street was closed down and many vendors were setting up for a BBQ and Jazz festival going on this evening. The smell was sooo enticing but it was still going to be a few hours before anything was ready. Maybe we will head back later on but for now we came home with warm bread from the bakery and some fresh green beans.

The kids’ favorite part? The park by the pond… and super fast pushes by Daddy on the tire swing.


Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art

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