Reversible Tabard

Reversible Tabard



So, after all the “girlie” knitting and sewing that has been going on around here, I got a chance to make a tabard and cloak for Bug. I must admit I’m thrilled with how it turned out. When Bug saw it, the only word out of his mouth was, “Whoa!” I took that as a supreme compliment;) He was so taken with it, that after he tried it on and played in it a bit, he said he was going to hang it up in his room…which is much more respectful than the usual cast off on the floor of the playroom!



Because this was my beta attempt, I did decide there were a few changes I would make. I didn’t have a complete plan in mind when I started, so I didn’t know it would turn out to be totally reversible. If I knew that, I would have done an applique on the inside, too. Oh well, the inside is quite plain, so he’ll be perfectly decked out if he wants to play a lowly squire!

Bug loves the cloak. It is just a square of flannel with the edges finished off. Two corners are pulled through the shoulder tabs creating a great draping in the back. The weight of it has a tendency to pull the tabard back, so I need to come up with a way to prevent that. When I finish his belt, it may sufficiently keep it in place. After I make some adjustments, I’ll write up the instructions to share.




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