Have you ever worked on a project, got about 80% done, and realized you really didn’t like the way it was turning out? You’ve got a few choices.
  1. Finish the project as is and never truly like it.
  2. Stop. Reassess the situation. And make the necessary changes to turn it from something that is okay, to something that wows you.
  3. Write the project off as a total mistake, trash the whole thing and never think about it again!
After several weeks of blogging on Wee Folk Art, Michelle and I both feel that the blog is not going in a direction that either of us wants. We like the idea of the monthly craft-along, but using the rest of the blog to showcase the crafts we are making, frankly bores us, so we can only imagine what it is doing to you brave souls that have been stopping by. So, when considering the choices, we chose “B”.
We definitely plan to continue a craft blog…we just aren’t sure what we want it to look like. Although we like aspects of the blog, we both feel like it’s missing a “spark” that would make it worthwhile for others…and ourselves. So here’s the plan. We will continue the Craft Club as is. The rest of the blog, however, is going to undergo some changes. For awhile, more of the activity will be behind the scene as we redefine our “master plan”! If it seems we’ve abandoned the site, that is not the case, we just want to do something that is fun and of value to ourselves and others.

So continue to visit us. Join us in our first monthly craft, and watch as we…hmmm…not quite sure what we’re going to turn into. Isn’t metamorphosis fun!


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  1. Thanks! We don’t plan to stop sharing the crafts we make…just sharing things in a different way…more playful! We’ve come up with a couple of ideas that I’m very excited about. Hope everyone else will be, too. Even more chances for everyone to get involved! We hope to unveil our scathingly brillant idea early next week 🙂

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