Fleur de Lis Applique Block

Fleur de Lis Applique Block

Do you have a little would be knight in your life? Then chances are, you’ll find something to embellish with this applique! Last week I got an email from one of our readers asking if I had every designed a pattern for a Fleur de Lis. Nope, I hadn’t. But Bug is fascinated with the medieval era and all things knight related, so I got right on it. The Fleur de Lis has been used on countless European coats of arms and flags over the centuries. I know we will come up with numerous ways to use the Fleur de Lis. As always, this design was created to fit a 6″ block, but it can be reduced or enlarged to meet your needs… I’m thinking of shields and flags. The pattern for the Fleur de Lis block can be found HERE or with our Applique Blocks. Enjoy!

BTW… if you ever have a request for a particular applique design, just ask. I can’t do them all, but whenever possible, I’ll happily design one! 



  1. Thank you so much. We are working on Halloween costumes and I’m making tabers for my two sons. We wanted to find something to put on the front. The boys love this. DH is going to take your pattern to work tomorrow and enlarge it. Perfect timing. Thanks for a beautiful blog. So inspiring.

  2. Thank you , beautiful ! I am not so good in English but I like it too look at your site !
    Goodbye , Ingrid.

    1. Just went to your website. Beautiful work! I will go back often!

      1. Thanks for sharing in the pattern for the Fleur de Lis. I really like the innovations you bring in to almost any simple thing. I have come across very few artistic people like you in my life. I am a great lover of art though not very good in it I do try implementing things I learn.
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  3. Excellent! Thank you for putting this up. I just finished a crown for my 4 year old’s Halloween costume and next in line is a cape. This will be the perfect embellishment.

    1. We would love to get a peek at it when you are done!

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