Free Knit Blankets Patterns from Purl Bee

Free Knit Blankets Patterns from Purl Bee

FREE Knit Blanket Pattern Photo Source :: Purl Bee

I’ve often thought of what it must be like to live in big city like New York. Being a Suburban Girl, whenever I do have such fantastical thoughts, I am reminded of the story of the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. Definitely think I would be a fish out of water, but it does sound exciting and a lovely little thought to have now and again.

I have never been to New York, but if I ever do, I have a list of things to do and see. And when you think of the attractions like The Statue of Liberty, Time Square, and The Guggenheim it might seem a bit out of place that included on the list is a little shop called Purl Soho, located at 459 Broome Street in New York’s SOHO neighborhood. I’ve even virtually walked by their shop on Google Maps. True story! Check it out HERE!

So, what is it about this craft shop that causes me to dream about it? Well, ever since I became intimate with the internet, I’ve been able to shop around the world, and just like home, I have found my favorite haunts. This shop has supplies for everything I craftily dream of…¬†knitting, sewing, needle work, weaving… oh, be still my heart!

The fact that they have a wonderful online shop, Purl Bee, has made the fact that I’ve never been there in person bearable! You can purchase their wonderful supplies and kits, plus their website offers many well-done tutorials to inspire you to create. And, it’s hard to explain… but it has a look or feel that just speaks to me. There is an elegant simplicity in everything they share.

Another thing I really like about Purl Bee, many, if not most, of their FREE patterns are at the beginner’s level. No need to get all squeamish and intimidated by their patterns and tutorials, they are doable! Take this collection of Easy to Knit, free blanket patterns from Purl Bee. Seriously… you can make these! And, they sell all the yarns to make it so. Do be warned, their yarns may seem expensive, but they are totally worth it! I’ve bought yarns and needle work supplies from Purl Bee in the past and have always been so please with the quality.

Whether you’ve shopped there before or not, make sure you check out these free knit blanket patterns. Bet you’ll find at least one you’ll want to knit up! Hope you enjoy Purl Bee as much as I do!

FREE PATTERN :: Super Easy Baby Blanket

This FREE Knit Blanket Pattern from Purl Bee can be found HERE.

FREE PATTERN :: Hudson’s Bay Inspired Crib Blanket

This FREE Knit Blanket Pattern from Purl Bee can be found HERE.

FREE PATTERN :: Colorblock Bias Blanket

This FREE Knit Blanket Pattern from Purl Bee can be found HERE.

FREE PATTERN :: Chevron Baby Blanket

This FREE Knit Blanket Pattern from Purl Bee can be found HERE.

NOTE: WFA is an affiliate of Amazon but is in no way connected with Purl Bee. My gushy praise is purely heart-felt!



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  1. I absolutely agree! I’ve been stalking their pages and pinning so many of their knitting patterns for later. The crispness of their layout is so appealing. I love their site in every way. I have yet to make any purchases yet, but as soon as I decide on what I want to make I’ll definitely be making the plunge! I definitely recommend everyone go check out all their free patterns!

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