I adore the free spirit designs of the bohemian style. These bohemian necklaces are perfect examples of how much freedom of design is given to this style. Whether you wish to buy an inspired necklace for yourself or allow these designs to inspire you, there is such an lovely arrayRead More →

Ready for a little fall fun with a collection of DIY Pumpkin Crafts? Unlike real pumpkins, this group made from wood, metal, felt, glass, paper, fabric and corks will last the whole season! Pumpkins are such an iconic symbol of fall. When we think of autumn we see fields strewnRead More →

Whether you make your own, buy new, or find at flea markets, doilies no longer belong in grandma’s attic! Doily Crafts are everywhere! When making doily crafts you can use the whole doily, as a piece of art, or use pieces of the doilies to create new and exciting projects.Read More →

As the temperatures are just starting to break a bit, and autumn is growing ever closer I find myself being drawn back to woolly knitting projects. Although there are plenty of hot, sunny days left in the season, it won’t be long now before snuggling up inside to avoid the cold,Read More →

Check out all these awesome techniques to create beautifully painted mason jars just waiting for bouquets of spring flowers from your own backyard! Spring has sprung! Although here in Michigan that means rain, and lots of it, it also means soon daffodils and pussy willows will be collected and broughtRead More →

Feather crafts from around the web. There is surely something here to inspire everyone! Today we are sharing an assortment of feather crafts. Interestingly, only 4 of these feather crafts actually use real feathers! In this showcase you will find feathers made of paper, felt, embroidery thread, polymer clay andRead More →

I have been fascinated with the Russian Rag Dolls for a long time now. I have been collecting information about them, pouring over You Tube videos and websites that give basic instructions for making the dolls. Like any other craft, you begin to see a great diversification. I am especiallyRead More →

Birds have long been the theme of arts and crafts. Today on Wee Folk Art check out this bird craft collection of adorable, easy and fast crafts that will have your heart soaring! BIRD CRAFT COLLECTION FROM ACROSS THE WEB! What is it about birds that inspires so much creativity?Read More →

Elephants have long been a favorite with children and adults alike. Check out this collection of adorable elephant patterns from various designers that you can knit, crochet, embroider or sew. Some of the patterns are free and some you will need to purchase. Either way… cuteness rules the day withRead More →

Here is a collection of Valentine Craft ideas in bright colors and natural materials. We love all these colorful Valentine hearts and enjoy how they are made with a variety of materials including fabric, felt, paper, wool roving, and yarn.   my felt forest of hearts by revlie Create a felt forestRead More →

Sometimes I find myself pinning items just because I am drawn to the colors of the image. Ok… I find myself doing that a lot! So I thought it would be fun to create several color collages, with no particular theme other than that the images look pretty together. I amRead More →

Tucking away all my holiday decorations is always a bittersweet experience. On one hand I’m ready to return my house, and my life, to some semblance of order after the chaos of the season, but on the other hand my house can feel so drab after the colorful decorations areRead More →

LET THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH AND LET IT BEGIN WITH ME! Michelle and I would like to wish all our friends who observe Christmas a most blessed and joyous Christmas. We would also like to wish EVERYONE a joyous season filled with love, friendship, family, and most importantly, PEACE!Read More →

Believe it or not, I am almost done with my Christmas shopping! I just have a couple more things to get for Tim’s stocking. I spent a very enjoyable evening on Etsy wandering through shops, dropping items in my cart that I wanted to take a closer look at laterRead More →

What’s one of the very best things about autumn? Nature walks, of course. Whether your saunter through your backyard with a cup of coffee or take the family on a meander through a woods, you are sure to see, smell and feel autumn all around you. While you are takingRead More →

Ever since I first happened upon DROPS Design Free Patterns, our collection of Free Knit Boot Slippers and Free Crochet Boot Slippers have been a favorite of our readers. Recently, I’ve gotten several requests for similar children’s slippers. I guess with Christmas and cold weather just around the corner that makes senseRead More →

  I love pumpkins. I love everything about them. I love how their creeping vines seem to grow miles over night. I love watching a pumpkin grow from flower to full grown fruit. I love the looks of a field of pumpkins… it virtually screams autumn. I love the color.Read More →

What is it about autumn that makes it so many people’s favorite season? Is it the break from oppressive summer heat? Perhaps. If you have children, is it the return to school and “normal” routines. Could be. Don’t even get me started on the foods and spices! There are anyRead More →