Future Skirts!

Future Skirts!

I just received a package with some fabric I ordered off ebay what seems like only moments ago. I couldn’t believe how quickly I got it. THEN, on top of that, as a total and complete surprise, hey, we all love total and complete surprises, right, I received an adorable fat quarter! So, because I think nice jesters should be rewarded here’s info about Jennifer. She has an ebay store and a website, Runner Girl Fabric. She sells great fabrics…major designers and Japanese imports. It appears she only sells in 1/2 yards but I suppose you could contact her if you needed more. Anyway… that’s my way of saying, thanks for the fat quarter, Jennifer! (Store is no longer open)

Okay… so now I have 6 half yards of fabric. My plan is to turn them into simple skirts for Fairy and Pixie. Although most of you may already know how to make these little elastic gathered skirts, I’ll include a tutorial when I get around to making them… hopefully, later in the week. Here’s the fun fabrics I got!

The fabrics are Kokka’s Russian Dolls and Birds and Flowers, and Project Runway’s Love Birds. The fourth fabric is the FREE fat quarter, Andalucia Mod Blooms. Cute, right? I’m thinking it will make a perfect gardening bandanna! Hopefully, I’ll get to all of these…SOON!



  1. Oh i’m drooling over the babushka kokka fabrics. Super sweet! Everything you ordered are just as lovely. Can’t wait to see what cute projects you’ll come up with.

    have a great day!

    1. Why am I not shocked you love the babushka fabric, hmmm? For those of you who have never checked out Christy’s blog at Sweet Tidings, you should. She always has the sweetest things on her site!

  2. What fun fabrics. I went over to runner girl. She has some really fun things. It was nice of her to include a free fat quarter. Last year I made 2 of your peasant skirts for my girls, also made one for myself, hehe, the way you did the directions it works for adults too! I’ve been squirreling away cotton fabs over the winter and I’m ready to throw together a few more simple skirts. I must admit I’m jealous of the Kokkas. And I saw a close up of the Project Runway Love Birds. Could it get more fun? Have fun sewing (if you can stay out of the garden long enough, right?)

    1. I’ve noticed sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn’t. I’m sure it just depends on her supplies at the time. But just go to eBay.com and search "Kokka Fabrics". There are many people that sell the Japanese imports there. Scroll down and you’ll find the Russian Doll fabric. Most of the fabric offered comes from eBay stores, are a "buy now" and prices running pretty similar. Just check shipping costs… that’s where some buyers can really nail you! Most of the Kokka fabrics are sold in 1/2 yard increments, so if you need more, like 2 continuous yards, email the seller and ask her how to place your order. I adore the Kokka prints. So many fun ones!

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