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  I am a sucker for color. Although my favorite or “comfort color” changes like a kaleidoscope, I always surround myself with color… no beiges or whites for me! Since last winter, I’ve embraced a brighter colorway than usual. I have been accenting my spring green and golden walls with redsRead More →

Materials: Christmas Fabric (a pattern that cuts down to 4″ x 5″ nicely) Pretty Card Stock (available at office supply stores) Matching Envelopes (size 4.5″ x 5.75″) Inside Greeting Layout (make your own or download ours) Paper Cutter or Scissors Pinking Sheers Glue Stick Get pretty colored card stock andRead More →

I’ve been working on my Christmas cards this past week. I still have a handful to make but these are fun and easy and I’m hoping to be done this evening. These are the cards we will be giving to our friends and teachers. For this project I converted myRead More →

This past spring my SIL sent me a suprise gift… a gift card at Spoonflower. So cool! If you are unfamiliar with Spoonflower it is a site where you can upload your own designs and have your very own… totally original… fabric printed. Ahhh… the possibilities here are endless. ThisRead More →

When doing any craft, there are some things we have to do that are more a groan than a pleasure. That’s how I feel about straightening the grain of fabric. To be honest, I don’t do it for most projects, but there are times when it is imperative that theRead More →

I just received a package with some fabric I ordered off ebay what seems like only moments ago. I couldn’t believe how quickly I got it. THEN, on top of that, as a total and complete surprise, hey, we all love total and complete surprises, right, I received an adorableRead More →

Anyone want to guess what this is? Perhaps the inside of my wastebasket? Or the floor after I’ve finished a project? (Uh, no it isn’t BUT this IS what my floor looks like after I’ve finished a project! Why aim for the wastebasket when the floor is so much moreRead More →


Today I was making a quick trip to my local craft store to buy crafting glue. I swear that is all I planned to buy. My pile of to do, already started, and near completion projects is stack precariously high in my sewing room. I’m well aware that one moreRead More →

Okay, I got a little carried away. There were so many pretty batik patterns I got a few more than I needed. It’s okay. I ALWAYS can come up with ways to use them. I enjoyed making the treasure pouch so much I think I’ll make a few to putRead More →