Gift Box – Winter Blues Buster

Gift Box – Winter Blues Buster

I know there are some of you that flat out refuse the think about Christmas until after the last Thanksgiving dinner plate has been dried and put away. If that describes you, you’ll probably go absolutely ballistic when I start talking about the Post Holiday’s Blues. It’s January. You’ve just packed away the last of the Holiday babbles, and your house looks like it was just visited by the Grinch! Although I’m always ready to reclaim my house, push furniture back in place, and finally be done with pine needles, my house always looks so bare! It takes me a couple of weeks before I get over the “something is missing” feeling.

Well, one way to help make the transition, is to have some special, January decorations. Although we often use snowflakes and snowmen in our Christmas decorating, those are really appropriate to display throughout the winter months. So, over the next few weeks, we will be sharing some Winter Decorations, that can be displayed long after the tree comes down.

Our Post Holiday Blues Gift Box is packed with goodies that can help bring new traditions to January, and help get over the Holiday hump. Keep this box packed away until the Christmas decorations have found their way up to the attic. Included in this box are:

1] Mugs for hot chocolate (I found mine at the Salvation Army!)
2] Hot Chocolate Mix in a Mason jar with a Calico Mason Jar Cover
3] Recipe Card for Hot Chocolate Mix and Serving Instructions plus “how and when” to use your Winter Blues Busters Set
4] Wool Penny Coasters in winter colors with a snowflake embroidered on the top
5] Rip and Tear Snowmen Napkins
6] Snowman Scarf Napkin Rings
7] Doily Snowflakes

This would make a perfect gift for the Holidays… along with an explanation of “when and how” to use the set. Visit your local Salvation Army and Goodwill to find mugs to include in the package. Decorate a box for storage. Then, after the Holidays, pull out this box, along with other winter decorations, and celebrate the beauty of the season. Then, on cold winter nights, or after an afternoon of romping in the snow, warm up with a nice, warm cup of hot chocolate, using your January, Winter Blues Busters mugs and napkins. Children will quickly embrace a new tradition.

Although many of the crafts found in this box are simply re-purposing patterns already shared at Wee Folk, there are a few new ones. Over the next couple of days we will be sharing the contents of the box. Hope this becomes a part of your Winter traditions!


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