Sneak Peek at Peanut’s New Sweater

Sneak Peek at Peanut’s New Sweater


When one of my babies asks me for something, I tend to put everything else on hold. A couple of weeks ago I got a text from 10 month old Peanut asking me for a toasty sweater for a South Carolina winter. (It’s pretty impressive that a 10 month old can text, isn’t it?) Anyway… Gammy was all over it! Every free moment was spent picking patterns and yarn, knitting, then adding a silly little birdie.

Because this is all the time I have left this morning, here is a corner of the finished sweater. I will share all the nitty gritty tomorrow in a post.

Hoping she’ll like 🙂



  1. Hoping she’ll like it? How could she not? Colors are wonderful and the bird is positively inspired.

  2. Kimara

    How sweet! Thanks. He is a pretty spunky little bird 🙂 Just waiting for it to dry now that I blocked it and then it will be off! ~Kimara~

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