Cookie Cutter Wet Felted Wool Ornaments

Cookie Cutter Wet Felted Wool Ornaments

In an effort to pull all of our crafty endeavors together, I will be importing older posts from my homeschooling site that feature the crafts the kids and I have completed together. I have also added a Kid Crafts category listing on our Top Bar to help our readers find some of the fun projects that the younger crafters can complete. (That database is under construction… keep checking it… I will be adding listings over the next few weeks.)

One of the things my kids really enjoy making are these fuzzy wool cookie cutter ornaments. We made this set last December and will undoubtedly be making more sometime in the next couple weeks. This is a great project for kids of all ages. Check out the directions for these Cookie Cutter Wet Felted Wool Ornaments here and in our Kid Crafts Database.


Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art

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